I must, at the outset, thank my friend and prayer partner, Robert Levy for his incredible and infectious love and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and who has impacted my life in a profound way, as a brave disciple of the Lord.
A ‘im come aks mi to be patron fi di Jesas Flim Project.  Afta mi say yes im’ carry Missa Cris McQuirk and ‘im fren dem come a King’s House cum visit an mek sure dat me agree fi true. An because mi like di patois, and de project dem a do, me jus say yes  rite away.
Ladies and gentleman, this is the real deal and the language in which the people will view the film and feel so comfortable, understanding the nuances, and the Word being made plain to them.
This Jesus Film premiering in Jamaican Creole is proof of the viability, marketability and universal appreciation of Patois. Therefore, I commend the Campus Crusaders for tapping into one of our most unique endowments – our language – to tell the timeless story of the most beloved yet most controversial persons to ever walk the face of the earth.
Adlib condolence to Mr. Gregg Weston, Chief Sponsor of the Jesus Film in Jamaican Creole, on the passing of his mother. 
Adlib commendations to cast, production crew and other talents.
There is a song in the Christian hymnal entitled “Tell Me the Old, Old Story of Jesus and His Love”.  Some of the verses that are so apropos to the mission you are undertaking and the way in which it is being done.  Allow me to share a few notable lines from the hymn with you:
"Tell me the old, old story of Jesus and His love, 
Tell me the story simply as to a little child, for I am weak and weary and helpless and defiled.  
Tell me the story slowly that I may take it in, that wonderful redemption, God’s remedy for sin;  
Tell me the story often for I forget too soon; 
Tell me the story softly with earnest tones and grave, Remember I’m the sinner whom Jesus came to save. 
Tell me the story always if you would really be in any time of trouble, a comforter to me."
Let me add, tell me the story in patois so I can hear and understand in my own language! t
This is my understanding of the desire and vision of the Jesus Film Project and their committed supporters, who are seeking to make Jesus real to people by telling them the old, old story in ways they can understand and identify with and hopefully appreciate and accept the work of Jesus the Christ, on their behalf.
This film I am told, since 1981, has been translated into 1,500 languages and has been shown around the globe. It is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Translated Film” in history. 
Mi breddaz and sistaz, mi know unnu a guh enjoy di ‘flim’ but mek sure she unnu learn di values and virtures from Jesas life so wi caah help fi create a brighter, peaceful and more luving country.
I am very pleased and delighted, certainly, to serve as your Patron. 
I welcome you wholeheartedly back to Jamaica and I trust that not only the launch but the efforts in Jamaica will be hugely successful.
I hereby declare your project launched in Jamaica.