Lady Allen joins me in hosting the launch of ‘Bustamante, Notes, Quotes, Anecdotes’, and we welcome you to King’s House for this event.

Sir Alexander Bustamante, one of our National Heroes and former Prime Minister, has been immortalized through various memoirs and recollections. And now, through the eyes of journalist and author, Ken Jones we will be able to experience a wide range and broader scope of his life.

I am impressed by Mr. Jones’ easy, conversational writing style. He describes scenes and situations in such a way that readers feel they are in the moment, walking and talking with the characters depicted. This book skillfully weaves notes, quotes and anecdotes to paint a picture and describe for us, Sir Alexander Bustamante. Some of the quotes are ‘priceless’ and are as relevant today, as they were when Sir Alex made them.

This book will not only be a good read but will give deeper insight on who Bustamante truly was, dispelling all those rumours, which we Jamaicans have made into schoolyard jokes. The wealth of information that exists in this book will, I am sure, provoke, stimulate, and invite others to research more, think more, and get to know more about the man, who was leader, husband, friend, and one of the founding fathers of our nation.

The book is timely, coming as it does on the heels of the recently held celebration of our National Heroes, and honouring those who have done Jamaica proud.

I commend the CHASE Foundation for their generous support of this venture and I hope that more of our writers will make use of the facility provided by the CHASE Fund to enable them to produce books and audiovisual materials which will provide more information about our leaders, especially our Prime Ministers.

I am pleased to be a part of this event and invite all of you to read the book. Through it we all can have a special, deeper perspective of the Right Honourable Sir Alexander Bustamante.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to officially launch:

‘Bustamante: Notes, Quotes, Anecdotes,’
written by Ken Jones.

Thank you.