35 Jamaicans Receive 2020 Governor-General’s Achievement Award (GGAA)

Thirty-five (35) inspiring Jamaicans have been selected to receive the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards (GGAA).

The award, which recognizes outstanding contribution to community and nation building, will be presented in a virtual ceremony to be staged in February 2021, under the theme: ‘Engaging, Empowering & Inspiring Jamaicans’.

The GGPE (Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence) is pleased to announce the 2020 awardees for:


St. Mary

–  18-24 category        Mr. Rahjean Sortie

–  25-35 category        Mr. Glenville McLeod

–  Over 35 category    Mr. Nigel Nelson


St. Catherine

–  18-24 category        Mr. Alrick Davis

–  25-35 category        Dr. Alex Tracey

–  Over 35 category    Dr. Errol Wright


St. Andrew

–  18-24 category        Ms. Tamoy Campbell

–  25-35 category        Dr. Romario Simpson

–  Over 35 category    Dr. Olivene Burke



–  18-24 category        Ms. Evryanna Hylton

–  25-35 category        Mr. Amorkard Brown

–  Over 35 category    Mr. Erold Pinkney


St. Thomas

–  18-24 category        Ms. Dena-Kay Taylor

–  Over 35 category    Ms. Janet Cousins



–  18-24 category         Ms. Shavonese Shirly

–  Over 35 category     Ms. Janet Brimm



–  18-24 category        Mr. Brandon Grant

–  Over 35 category    Mr. Nickoyon Brown


St. James

–  18-24 category         Mr. Rashaun Stewart

–  25-35 category         Mr. Jermaine Harris

–  Over 35 category     Mr. Conroy Thompson


St. Elizabeth

–  18-24 category         Ms. Shyan Robinson

–  25-35 category         Ms. Renea Bromfield

–  Over 35 category     Rev. Godfrey Watson



–  18-24 category        Ms. Crystal Scale

–  25-35 category        Ms. Monique Ingram

–  Over 35 category    Mrs. Patricia Reid



–  18-24 category        Ms. Britany Forsythe

–  25-35 category        Mr. Travis Benain

–  Over 35 category    Mrs. Morlett Schloss



–  18-24 category        Ms. Shamona Smith

–  Over 35 category    Ms. Aldith Stewart


St. Ann

–  18-24 category         Ms. Shanique Davidson

–  Over 35 category     Mr. Glenna Revers-Robb



–  Over 35 category    Ms. Shantae Grant



The GGAA is the award component of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE) and was established to acknowledge the meaningful contribution of community leaders and to celebrate the success of persons who model service above self and impact national life.

Recipients aged eighteen (18) to thirty-five (35) are selected on the basis of academic achievements, while persons thirty-five (35) and above must demonstrate evidence of leadership through innovative and sustainable community projects that impact family, youth and education.


For more information, please contact Mr. Abrahim Simmonds via email at asimmonds@kingshouse.gov.jm or phone at 876-550-9460, or Mr. Alex Sterling via email at email at asterling@kingshouse.gov.jm, or phone at 876-550-4534.

The Governor-General Extends Congratulations to Lorna Goodison, Recipient of The Queen’s Gold Medal For Poetry 2019


Poet Laureate of Jamaica, Author, and Painter Lorna Goodison CD, has been awarded The Queen’s Gold Medal For Poetry on the basis of the body of her work. Named Poet Laureate in 2017, Goodison’s work is inclusive of Tamarind Season (1980), Heartease (1988), Traveling Mercies (2001), Controlling the Silver (2005), Goldengrove: New and Selected Poems (2006) and Supplying Salt and Light (2013).

Sir Patrick Allen is heartened to extend his commendations to Goodison who he has dubbed a “literary lighthouse”. He has noted her contributions to Jamaica and the Caribbean landscape by extension, citing her as having made an indelible mark in capturing, portraying and expressing with authenticity the richness of the Jamaican culture and experience.  His Excellency stressed the importance of literature, urging Jamaicans to familiarize themselves with those who have made it their life’s work to tell our stories.

In August 2013, she was awarded the Jamaican national honour of the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD), for outstanding achievements in Literature and Poetry.

Goodison is the second official Poet Laureate of Jamaica and the First Woman to hold the title.