Governor-General Receives 2021 Olympics Contingent

A contingent of managers and athletes of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) paid a Courtesy Call to Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen at King’s House this morning.

The Governor-General warmly welcomed the group and described their visit as “special” and “meaningful.” He congratulated the athletes for qualifying for the Games and presented each team member with tokens from his I Believe Initiative social programme.

“I will give you some tokens with the I Believe logo. I want you to believe in yourself and believe in your potential. The I Believe Initiative is about Using what is right with Jamaica to fix what is wrong with Jamaica. And, you are what is right with Jamaica,” Sir Patrick stated.

The Governor-General observed that “Jamaican athletes command the respect of all who watch the sport around the world. We expect you to do well.”   He added, “You have the support of the entire nation. You have my support. Do well and keep the flag flying high as you are in Tokyo.”

While inspiring the athletes to continue unleashing their greatness and be ‘extraordinary’, The Governor-General reminded them to listen to their coaches, work hard, and be careful as the world is still in a pandemic.

Jamaican Olympic Team Manager, Ludlow Watts told The Governor-General that despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty regarding the Olympics, the team was able to complete preparation in time, and he is confident they will perform well.

“When it comes to the tracks we see ourselves as ‘war heroes.’ USA, Kenya, Jamaica is how it has been on the track and field arena of the Olympics. We are prepared,” Mr. Watts said.

Other Olympic Team Officials at the Courtesy Call were Coach Maurice Wilson, Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) 1st Vice President, Ian Forbes, and JAAA Management Team Member, Heleen Francis.  The Jamaican athletic team members were Ramona Burchell, Tovea Jenkins, Rhonda White, Yanique Thompson, Tyquendo Tracey and Demish Gaye.

Several other members of the qualifying Tokyo Olympics team are now in Europe while others are in training camps in various locations. The athletes currently in Jamaican will depart for Tokyo on July 16 and 21, respectively.

Governor-General Installs Hugh Gentles as Custos of Trelawny

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has installed the Honourable Hugh Gentles, CD, JP as Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of Trelawny.  The Installation Ceremony took place this morning at the Ocean Coral Spring Hotel in Falmouth.

On Custos Gentles’ suitability for the post, The Governor-General said the Custos would provide the leadership to instill a strong sense of direction for the citizens of the Parish.  Pointing to his extensive knowledge of the Parish and outstanding community work over the past 40 years, The Governor-General said Custos Gentles was well-placed to serve the entire population of Trelawny.

Speaking on the responsibilities of a Custos, Sir Patrick said it was a call to civic and national service. The Custos would be expected to recommend and swear-in Justices of the Peace, give leadership to The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence, promote public order and empower youth through the I Believe Initiative.

Responding to his appointment, Custos Gentles chronicled his service to the Parish and shared his vision for his tenure.  He said, “I consider it a privilege to commit myself to the continuing of civic development in the Parish where I was born and have lived all my life. . . My vision as Custos is to build a legacy of strong, organized and effective cohort of Justices of the Peace who will understand the critical work to be done and impact civic life.”

35 Jamaicans Receive 2020 Governor-General’s Achievement Award (GGAA)

Thirty-five (35) inspiring Jamaicans have been selected to receive the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards (GGAA).

The award, which recognizes outstanding contribution to community and nation building, will be presented in a virtual ceremony to be staged in February 2021, under the theme: ‘Engaging, Empowering & Inspiring Jamaicans’.

The GGPE (Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence) is pleased to announce the 2020 awardees for:


St. Mary

–  18-24 category        Mr. Rahjean Sortie

–  25-35 category        Mr. Glenville McLeod

–  Over 35 category    Mr. Nigel Nelson


St. Catherine

–  18-24 category        Mr. Alrick Davis

–  25-35 category        Dr. Alex Tracey

–  Over 35 category    Dr. Errol Wright


St. Andrew

–  18-24 category        Ms. Tamoy Campbell

–  25-35 category        Dr. Romario Simpson

–  Over 35 category    Dr. Olivene Burke



–  18-24 category        Ms. Evryanna Hylton

–  25-35 category        Mr. Amorkard Brown

–  Over 35 category    Mr. Erold Pinkney


St. Thomas

–  18-24 category        Ms. Dena-Kay Taylor

–  Over 35 category    Ms. Janet Cousins



–  18-24 category         Ms. Shavonese Shirly

–  Over 35 category     Ms. Janet Brimm



–  18-24 category        Mr. Brandon Grant

–  Over 35 category    Mr. Nickoyon Brown


St. James

–  18-24 category         Mr. Rashaun Stewart

–  25-35 category         Mr. Jermaine Harris

–  Over 35 category     Mr. Conroy Thompson


St. Elizabeth

–  18-24 category         Ms. Shyan Robinson

–  25-35 category         Ms. Renea Bromfield

–  Over 35 category     Rev. Godfrey Watson



–  18-24 category        Ms. Crystal Scale

–  25-35 category        Ms. Monique Ingram

–  Over 35 category    Mrs. Patricia Reid



–  18-24 category        Ms. Britany Forsythe

–  25-35 category        Mr. Travis Benain

–  Over 35 category    Mrs. Morlett Schloss



–  18-24 category        Ms. Shamona Smith

–  Over 35 category    Ms. Aldith Stewart


St. Ann

–  18-24 category         Ms. Shanique Davidson

–  Over 35 category     Mr. Glenna Revers-Robb



–  Over 35 category    Ms. Shantae Grant



The GGAA is the award component of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE) and was established to acknowledge the meaningful contribution of community leaders and to celebrate the success of persons who model service above self and impact national life.

Recipients aged eighteen (18) to thirty-five (35) are selected on the basis of academic achievements, while persons thirty-five (35) and above must demonstrate evidence of leadership through innovative and sustainable community projects that impact family, youth and education.


For more information, please contact Mr. Abrahim Simmonds via email at or phone at 876-550-9460, or Mr. Alex Sterling via email at email at, or phone at 876-550-4534.


Thirty-seven (37) youth and community champions were inducted as ‘I Believe’ Initiative (IBI) Ambassadors. The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE) hosted the 2020 IBI Ambassadors’ Induction Ceremony, under the theme ‘Engaging, Empowering & Inspiring Jamaicans’. The virtual ceremony was also used to showcase how the Programme uses its activities to engage and empower IBI Ambassadors to take on the mantle of IBI to use what’s right with Jamaica to fix what’s wrong with Jamaica, and by so doing, inspire other Jamaicans to do the same. The newly inducted IBI Ambassadors are individuals who are involved in their communities, have shown commitment and motivation to make a difference in our society.

New IBI Ambassadors charged to keep their commitment to the service of others and country 

His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen welcomed the newly installed IBI Ambassadors and charged them to use their platforms to help increase the IBI’s visibility and accessibility.

His Excellency The Governor-General also renewed the call for more activities that build healthy families which can in turn create enabling environments that prepare young people for positive participation in our society – as the family is the bedrock of our society.

Many of our IBI Ambassadors are involved in other social, community and service Initiatives and were encouraged to pull on the wider network.

Custodes instrumental in the pinning of new IBI Ambassadors across the country.

The COVID-19 restrictions meant that new IBI Ambassadors would not have been received and pinned through the annual IBI Luncheon. Parish Custodes were invited to pin IBI Ambassadors at ceremonies held at the parish level.

Miss World Pinned ‘I Believe Initiative’ (IBI) Ambassador

Miss World 2019, Toni-ann Singh was pinned an ‘I Believe’ (IBI) Ambassador and inducted into the ‘I Believe Initiative’ on a Courtesy Call at King’s House on Monday, December 23rd. Governor- General, Sir Patrick Allen noted that Miss Singh was fit to represent the IBI in keeping with her project at the Women’s Centre Foundation in St. Thomas.

The IBI’s mandate “using what is right with Jamaica to fix what is wrong with Jamaica” is actioned through Miss Singh’s passion and commitment to provide young Mothers with the support, resources and direction to not only navigate Motherhood- but to do so whilst continuing the pursuit of their education.

Toni-ann, who recited the IBI pledge, was pinned by Her Excellency Lady Allen and adds to the initiative’s two hundred plus membership. Following her pinning, His Excellency encouraged Toni-Ann to keep the Spirit of Jamaica alive and also the principles taught by her parents, Sir Patrick also wished her success during her reign.


IBI Ambassadorship is awarded on the basis of impactful service to Community and volunteerism.