Code of Conduct for Justices of the Peace Ready

Governor-General, His Excellency Professor Kenneth O. Hall, ON, OJ has said he is pleased that the Code of Conduct for Justices of the Peace is completed and will be distributed islandwide.

The Governor-General was speaking at the annual general meeting with the island’s Custodes on Wednesday (November 8) at King’s House during which he heard reports on the activities of these appointed officials in the various committees including the Parish Disaster Committee, Labour Day Parish Committee, and the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Scheme.

Professor Hall said that the Code of Conduct would “provide a guideline for Justices of the Peace to act responsibly and demonstrate impeccable integrity in their communities in the pursuit of their duties.”

Minister of Justice and Attorney General Senator the Hon. A. J. Nicholson who had informed the meeting about the status of the Code of Conduct, said that it outlined the proper protocols and practices of Justices of the Peace, and included measures to be taken against those who breached the regulations. The Justice Minister also stated that over time, the Code would be displayed prominently in public places as part of the ministry’s public awareness programme.

Minister Nicholson encouraged the Custodes to take part in the ongoing activities to reform of the justice system. The justice system reform process is expected to increase opportunities for child justice and victim support, and would allow offenders to acknowledge the harm done and repay victims.

The Minister said that Jamaica is receiving technical assistance from Canada for the justice reform process.

Colonel Rocky Meade from the Jamaica Defence Force, who also addressed the meeting, informed the Custodes about the activities for the annual Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day celebrations. The target for this year’s Poppy Appeal would be $3.5 million, Colonel Meade stated.