Fifteen Receive Governor-General’s Award

Fifteen persons from the county of Cornwall were honoured with the 2008 Governor-General’s Award on Wednesday (Sept. 10).

The awardees, three each from the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland, and St. Elizabeth, were recognised for their achievements, excellence and their unselfish contributions to the development of their fellow citizens. The ceremony was held at the Negril Hills Golf Club in Westmoreland.

Lunce Dowdie, Duwayne Lawrence, and Beryl Rochester were the St. Elizabeth awardees; while Melissa Stoddart, Derron Lewis, and Caswell Dawes were the Westmoreland awardees; and Keliene Maye, Theresa Bowen, and Shaurna Miller were the Hanover recipients. From St. James, Kadeem Gray, Jason Edwards and Eugennie Minto were awarded, while Cheyenne Griffith, Cameke Shirley, and Maurice Levermore from Trelawny, all received awards. Governor- General, His Excellency The Most Honourable Professor Sir Kenneth Hall was on hand to make the presentations.

Addressing the ceremony, The Governor General, commended the awardees for the roles they have each played in the development of Jamaica.

“The development of Jamaica is dependent, to a large extent, on the development of its communities, and you who are being recognised here today, must be commended for the roles you have played in the overall development of our people,” he said, adding that, “the real strength of our nation lies in our families and in our communities.”

He further expressed appreciation for all persons who are actively involved in promoting and facilitating the welfare of others, and in stimulating the development of the communities throughout the nation.

With some of the awardees receiving the Governor-General’s Youth Award, His Excellency explained that it was aimed at recognising young persons who have demonstrated a strong social conscience, a firm commitment towards developing their in-born capabilities to the fullest, and a dedication towards using their talents not only for their own good, but for the good of others. He expressed special commendations to the young awardees for the quality of their achievements.

Making reference to the performance of the Jamaican team at the recently concluded 29th Olympiad, The Governor-General, remarked that there is no doubt that there is a tremendous reservoir of talent among the young people of Jamaica. He said that the performance of the athletes reinforces the fact that once Jamaicans are determined to succeed, they will.