GG Awards Outstanding Surrey Citizens

Another group of outstanding Jamaicans were today awarded by Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen for being stalwarts in their communities and for their significant contribution to national development.  A hidden gem, Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, was the setting for the presentation ceremony for the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards (GGAA) for the twelve Surrey recipients.

They were all very deserving of the accolades from The Governor-General who commended them for embodying a culture of excellence and for making a notable difference in their respective communities and in the country.  As a result of this positive influence, Sir Patrick charged them to “use this acknowledgement of your selfless contribution as a propellant for even greater accomplishments which will motivate others in and around your communities to voluntarily give of themselves.”

While addressing the function, Sir Patrick Allen pledged that the GGAA’s vision will be further advanced through the creation of the Governor-General’s Programme For Excellence (GGPE) under which both his I Believe Initiative and the GGAA are now merged. Coupled with its commitment to reward excellence, the GGPE’s programmes are now guided by the theme: “There is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica.”


Since the GGAA’s inception twenty-three years ago this year, a group of dedicated committed Corporate Sponsors namely: The Gleaner Company, The Jamaica National Building Society, Victoria Mutual Building Society and newest addition, the Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies, have faithfully pledged their financial support to meeting this great cause. This commitment was again reiterated by Mr. Christopher Denny, VP Distribution, VMBS, during his response on behalf of the Corporate Sponsors. They too were applauded for their continued support by Sir Patrick Allen.

A passionate dub-poetry deliver “two score and ten” by Jomo Dixion and a song of thanksgiving “Praise is what I Do” by Carolyn Campbell, preceded Mr. Joel Nomdarkham’s response on behalf of the 2014 Surrey recipients.

Joel noted that the recipients have accepted their awards not just for themselves but for their families, churches and work places, which have fostered their development. He stated the commitment of he and his fellow GGAA awardees to “…hold this accomplishment in its highest esteem, as we will be serving as Ambassadors not just for our County, but for Jamaica.”