GG Begins Corporate Visits With LIME

His Excellency The Governor-General began a series of corporate visits with a tour of LIME Jamaica Corporate headquarters at Carlton Crescent in Kingston today, May 30, 2014. The very intimate and friendly setting in which Sir Patrick Allen met with the corporate group came as surprise to Gary Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of the telecommunications company who said: “I must say Sir Patrick, if your intention in visiting us today was to bridge the gap between your office and us, you have already achieved it. I am really humbled to be seated with you in this fashion”.

Sir Patrick Allen, who met with the executive staff members and other employees, said that he too was pleased to be meeting with the staff in such a relaxed setting. “I think many persons see the Office of the Governor-General as aloof and away from the people. But this is not so; so I am here today to let you see a different side of King’s House”, explained the Governor-General.

What transpired later was an on-going discussion between The Governor-General and members of staff who took time out to make personal introductions to him as well to explain their role in the company.

He told the group that he admired their commitment and consistency in serving their customers. “You have been around for a longtime; I admire your longevity and your commitment to the people of Jamaica. You are doing quite an impressive job”, said the Governor-General.

The Governor-General used the opportunity to commend the group for its contribution to nation development through the various projects that they have been involved with. He commended the company for its work with his I Believe Initiative, a collaboration which has resulted in LIME now offering several internet related services to the IBI free villages in three parishes. “I thank you LIME for that type of injection in support of our youth and our people”, he said.

It for this reason that His Excellency announced that he is officially endorsing, through the IBI, all the programmes of the company that are geared towards education, youth and family: the three pillars of the IBI.

After visiting with some of the technical and administrative team at the corporate office, Sir Patrick later visited one the company’s outlet where he was introduced to some of the latest products and gadgets available by the company.