GG Cites Concern for Country’s Image

January 28, 2014

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen said that Jamaicans are concerned that for a country which holds first place in the Guinness Book of Records for the number of churches per square mile, it is ranked among the murder capitals of the world and holds a low position on the global transparency index.  He was addressing “iPromise” Partners at a sensitization function last Thursday (Jan. 23).

“iPromise,” the brainchild of Dr. John Keane, reflects the values and virtues of the National Pledge and draws its inspiration from a book by Dr. Keane of a similar title. It is a values-based programme involving a network of individuals from religious organizations and civil society, who commit to inculcating vignettes of the National Pledge into their own lives and that of people across Jamaica.

Sir Patrick Allen said Dr. Keane was not alone in his observation that the Church needed to assess its methodologies in the context of its waning impact in society.  He said many church leaders have also expressed this view and are seeking, under God, to rebuild their influence on the hearts and minds of our people.  “Clearly, for the transformation we seek in our island, it must begin with the Church and so I pray that all our denominations will commit to God’s leading for His greater glory and for the renewal which we so urgently need,” the Governor-General said.

He said the message of “iPromise” should be presented to church members and by church members in the variety of encounters which are possible, including youth groups and counselling teams.  “In brief, there is much work yet to be done to get our churches to appreciate the value of the National Pledge”, Sir Patrick Allen stated.  He said the education sector was also an ideal forum for action, as with the resumption of the teaching of Civics in our schools, the National Pledge should be high on the agenda.

Noting that there are synergies between “iPromise” and his “I Believe Initiative,” the Governor-General said that mentorship activities in which “I Believe” Ambassadors participate would include concepts from the book.  In addition, when they have been recruited, “I Believe” Ambassadors will include in their values statement the phrase “I believe; therefore I promise.”


The event, which was held at JAMPRO’s Auditorium in Kingston, was attended by a cross-section of religious, civic and community leaders who are all engaged in social renewal programmes.



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