GG Commissions Fifty-Five Justices of the Peace in St. James

“The faithful fifty-five” quipped Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen in his address to the men and women to be sworn in as Justices of the Peace in the parish of St. James on Thursday, December 12th.  The Governor General commended them for their response and commitment to duty’s call, having made the conscious decision to be part of a multi-layered effort of strengthening both the community and the Parish.

His Excellency, went on to detail the magnitude of the roles and responsibilities associated with being a Justice of the Peace, highlighting the importance of high ethical and professional standard, to give of one’s self devoid of payment and to give their support to current Custos of St. James, the Honourable Conrad Pitkin in the development of the Parish.

Noting the era in which we now live, Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen praised Custos Pitkin and his team for the great work in searching, evaluating and recommending persons of good social and moral standing to serve. He remarked that St. James has seen steady growth under their current leadership and noted the tremendous support that is always rendered to the programmes coming from the Office of The Governor- General. Charging the newly appointed, with the task of making clear and distinct footprints, Sir Patrick appealed to the family members, friends of the candidates and well-wishers to join in the cause of preserving confidence in our country. The audience was urged to remember the Biblical advice to “do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.”