GG encourages more support for community policing

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has encouraged members of the island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) to increase community policing efforts in their response to problems associated with law and order.  He said security and order cannot be effectively enforced without the continuous work and dedication of the police.

Speaking at the 60th Anniversary Awards Ceremony of the ISCF   Association on Wednesday (Oct. 5), Sir Patrick observed said that community policing elicited the involvement of citizens to identify creative solutions to crime and other related social problems.  He said that police youth clubs which nurtured young people was one way in which the problem of youth violence could be addressed.

The Governor-General said that as members of the ISCF carried out their work with integrity, discipline, honesty and courtesy, they should encourage their peers and the citizens with whom they interacted to adopt these and other values.  “This will make it easier for you to restore law and order and a sense of security in the society,” the Governor-General said.

Citing a World Bank report which stated that a reduction in crime would raise the country’s GDP by approximately 5 per cent, Sir Patrick Allen said one of the challenges of the Vision 2030 development plan was how to create the environment and conditions where productive enterprises could operate in a safe atmosphere.  He expressed confidence that with the experience of the members of the ISCF and their commitment to Jamaica, the country could achieve its goal.

Retired and serving officers of the ISCF were presented with awards for long- service and outstanding achievement in the force.