Government is Optimistic, Says GG

Governor-General, His Excellency, the Most Hon Professor, Sir Kenneth Hall, has said that a concerted approach to combat the challenges which the country faces is critical.

“Our growth and development of the country are dependent on the country’s ability to reduce poverty, combat the spread of disease, mitigate the impacts of natural disasters and safeguard our environment,” Sir Kenneth said.

” It also depends upon our ability to achieve energy security and diversification and increase trade and investment. We will continue to seek your support as we explore all policy options as they relate to these matters,” he added.

Sir Kenneth was speaking at the annual dinner for the Diplomatic Corps at King’s House on January 29.
He noted that the Government is optimistic that success can be achieved, despite “the enormity of the challenges we face.”

“As long as we continue to abide by higher standards of efficiency, competitiveness and productivity, our future survival in a rapidly changing and restructured global environment will be assured,” he added.

Professor Hall noted that the Government is mindful that preparedness for natural disasters and the perennial problem of crime and violence are issues that demand different approaches, as their frequency and intensity continue to place constraints on [the country’s] capacity to transform [its] economic and social structures.

As a response to these challenges, he said that the Government will continue to engage in discussions with the private sector, trade unions and with critical stakeholders with a view to implementing changes in current strategies.

The dinner formed part of activities commemorating the 11th staging of Diplomatic Week 2009, which was held from January 26-30.