Governor-General Announces Plans for an ‘I Believe’ Foundation

Governor-General, His Excellency The Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen has announced that an I Believe Foundation will be launched to serve as the main vehicle through which his ‘I Believe’ message and vision will be executed in Jamaica.   One year ago today, at his inauguration on February 26, 2009, the Governor-General stirred the nation with his main address, by encouraging Jamaicans to believe in their abilities to achieve their potential and serve their country.

Sir Patrick Allen said the tents of his ‘I Believe’ message constitutes the Master-key that will unlock Jamaica’s power to “extract the seeds of opportunity and renewal from the crises of its contemporary experiences.” He said the new and expanded emphasis that will be exposed by the Foundation, is based upon the central truth that our inner attitudes, values and characters, are the ultimate determinants of our individual and national destinies.

The I Believe Foundation will embody the ideal of a Jamaica in which motivated individuals not only achieve their personal goals, but also contribute to the building of a prosperous, progressive and peaceful nation.

In his Inaugural Speech, The Governor-General called on Jamaicans to recommit to building a great society.   He spent his first year in office engaging in consultative meetings and visits across the island.  The results of those consultations will form the basis of the ‘I Believe’ focus.

The I Believe Foundation will have three foci, the family, education and youth and community development. The Foundation will be embarking on various programmes of identifying with individuals and organizations who are seriously contributing to the building of the nation, and encouraging the replication of successful models of achievement, among other things.