Governor-General Extends Condolence to the Vaz Family

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has  described the late Douglas Vaz as “a great Jamaican and an esteemed patriot” and   observed that the country would always be grateful for his service.

In expressing condolence to the members of the Vaz family on the passing of the former Member of Parliament, Sir Patrick said many Jamaicans would recall his strong voice, self-confidence, and his unshakeable commitment to doing whatever he identified as being in Jamaica’s national interest.

The Governor-General said Mr Vaz displayed a profound understanding of the need for a stable democracy in which all voices should be heard but which in the end reflected the genuine will of an enlightened majority.


“Although on occasion he disagreed with persons in important leadership positions, he nevertheless exercised good judgment and acted in ways which enhanced rather than fractured the organizational framework of which he was a part. He earned the respect of leaders across the political divide and was one of the most admired Parliamentary representatives of all time,” the Governor-General said.

He noted that Mr Vaz had left a remarkable legacy, and testimony of this was evident in the outpouring of goodwill and gratitude by Jamaicans.