Governor-General Launches 2016 Poppy Appeal

Governor- General His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen is the first to make his contribution to the cause during the launch of the Poppy Appeal at Curphey Palce on Sunday (October 9, 2016).

As His Excellency the Governor-General and Patron of the Jamaica Legion launched the annual Poppy Appeal at the Concert in a Garden,  at Curphey Place in Kingston on Sunday (October 9, 2016), he challenged the members and supporters of the Legion to increase the 2016 collection target by over a million dollars 

Governor-General His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen presents a plaque to Lt Cmdr. John McFarlane who for his consistently outstanding Poppy Appeal collection which often amounts to excesses of a million dollars.

“This year the collection target is set at a conservative eight million dollars and we are confident that with ‘collective hands and hearts’ the target will again be surpassed,” The Governor-General remarked in the delightful atmosphere set by the Massed Band of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

Governor-General His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen pins a poppy on Lt. Col Victor Beek of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force. Lt. Col V. Beek served in the Battle of Britain and returned to the Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing where he served as a pilot.

His Excellency stated that there will be increased islandwide tin distribution, improved efforts of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force, and better coordinated public education campaigns with the use of new media technology in schools, as part of measures by the Legion to improve Poppy Appeal support.

Of Significance was the Governor-General’s mention of the National Housing Trust (NHT) renovating the Curphey Home to the tune of 30 million Jamaica dollars as its signature 40th anniversary project.

The Curphey Home which is located in Manchester is resident to World War I and II veterans, and other ex-servicemen and women of the JDF, who are no longer able to adequately care for themselves.

Funds collected through the annual Poppy Appeal goes directly to the maintenance and upkeep of Curphey Home and to providing medical care, food, clothing, hygiene items and medicine for the residents.

“Having fought valiantly for our country, it is only fitting that our veterans be given the opportunity to enjoy their golden years in comfort.” His Excellency said of the ex-servicepersons before concluding with his own contribution to the till.

Meanwhile, Lt Col John McFarlane who recently acted as the Custos of St. Andrew, was presented with a plaque for his consistently outstanding Poppy Appeal collection which often amounts to excesses of a million dollars.