Governor-General Presides Over Swearing-in Ceremony

Two judges who were appointed to serve as Puisne Judge and Master-in-Chambers in Jamaica’s Supreme Court, were officially sworn into office at a ceremony presided over by His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General of Jamaica, at King’s house this morning.

Having taken the Oath of Allegiance and the Judicial Oath at today’s event, Her Honour Mrs. Justice Vivene Juliet Harris will act as Puisne Judge until March 22, while Her Honour Mrs. Justice Sonia Angela Linton Bertram will act as Master-in-Chambers “until further notice”. The appointments came at the start of the Hilary Term on the judicial calendar and will impact positively on the work of the courts during that period.

This comes at the beginning of Jamaica’s Judiciary Calendar in a term referred to as the Hilary Term, a period in the judiciary system that runs from the 7th of January to the 27th of March 2013.

The Governor-General, in his remarks, noted that “….our courts will be called upon for the interpretation of our laws, as citizens and enterprises become more attuned to accessing legal remedies. One thing that should be constant however, is the equitable and the impartial dispensation of justice by those entrusted to defend the legitimacy and the efficacy of our justice system.  All who have taken the oath of judicial office are reminded of the words of Aristotle that ‘it is in justice that the ordering of society is centred’. I am certain that you Honourable Justices, who are being sworn-in this morning, will continue to work diligently to uphold the laws of Jamaica and to build on the trust that Jamaicans have in the integrity of our Justice System”.

In congratulating the judges, Chief Justice the Hon. Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla reminded them that “we’re accountable to the people to whom we are called to serve…inspite of the challenges that we have, we must press on and not allow them to derail us from our duty to dispense Justice fairly and efficiently”.

Responding on behalf of the appointees, the Hon. Mrs. Justice Harris pledged their commitment to bringing a higher quality of justice for all by serving efficiently, impartially and with integrity.