Governor-General Swears in Five Judges to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court

In a joint virtual ceremony held on April 28th at King’s House and the Supreme Court, His Excellency The Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen swore in Judges to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Vivene Harris appointed to act as Judge in the Court of Appeal and The Hon. Mrs. Justice Grace Henry McKenzie and The Hon Ms. Justice Tricia Hutchinson appointed as Puisne Judges, The Hon. Mrs. Justice Natalie Hart-Hines and The Hon. Ms. Justice Carole Barnaby appointed to act as Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court.


Lauding the efforts and achievements that propelled the Judges to higher office, His Excellency impressed that their appointment is an “expression of confidence in [their] abilities to discharge these new responsibilities…”.

His Excellency noted that despite the disruption and displacement caused by COVID-19, he was heartened by the Judiciary’s response in ensuring the rule of law is administered and upheld even in the crisis.


Also participating were Chief Justice Bryan Sykes and President of the Court of Appeal Justice Dennis Morisson, who echoed similar sentiments of a Judiciary poised to work diligently and innovatively rather than close the Courts and hope for the best. Justice Sykes noted that the newly appointed judges were “paragons of grit and determination” deservedly chosen based on merit and not favour.

 Responding on behalf of the newly appointed justices, The Hon. Mrs. Justice Vivene Harris expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of family members and colleagues and voiced their commitment to service in these unprecedented times.