Govt. to Focus on Cultural Industries

As part of the programme for social and economic development, the Government will, during the 2008/09 fiscal year, focus on the enhancement of the cultural industries sector, in particular music, film, entertainment and fashion.

Governor General, His Excellency, The Most Hon. Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, in his Throne Speech at the State Opening of Parliament at Gordon House, today

(March 27), said these activities will be linked to the government’s nation branding strategy, in recognition of the role of culture and cultural industries in the construction of Brand Jamaica.

“In this regard, the government will work closely with industry representatives, our indigenous cultures (such as the Maroons and Rastafari), the private and financial sectors, treating with such aspects as Intellectual Property, Copyright, Anti-Piracy, Marketing, Product Enhancement and Professional Development for wealth and job creation,” he informed.

Festival and Independence celebrations will also be revitalized. In the area of cultural development, the government will, this year, begin the process of revitalisation of the Jamaica Festival as the vehicle for celebration of the Nation’s anniversary of independence, with an intensive islandwide programme that will spread across seven days, from July 31 through Emancipation Day, August 1, to climax on Independence Day, August 6, 2008.

“There are changes that need to be made that cannot be brought about merely by enacting or enforcing laws and regulations. Before a nation can be effectively governed, it must be made governable. We are a plural society with a multiplicity of cultural norms. It is this diversity that, in many respects, gives us our strength and makes us the unique people we are,” the Governor General said.