Keep Hope Alive – GG

Governor-General, His Excellency, the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, took his ‘I Believe’ message to the parish of Hanover yesterday (Sept. 17), urging residents, who gathered at the Anglican Church Hall in Lucea, to keep hope alive in these challenging times.

“I believe that despite our challenges, our setbacks and our despair, we are a nation, which has been blessed with a rich heritage, abundant resources and the prospect of a bright future,” he stated.

“We are a people of hope, and we must keep hope alive at all times,” he added.

Noting that Hanover has the potential to make a significant contribution to national development, he cited opportunities in tourism, including promoting the culture of the parish, in addition to unique products, cuisine and places of interest.

The Governor-General, who was accompanied by Her Excellency, Lady Allen, visited the Hopewell High and Rhodes Hall High Schools, where, in separate addresses, he encouraged the students to have confidence in themselves, strive to make a good impression within their school, and leave such as legacy, that they will always be remembered in a positive way.

He also urged the leadership of the schools to “believe in our young people, train them, have faith in them, that they will not betray the values that we have put in them; values of fairness, morality, and justice.”

He also stopped at the Hanover Parish Library, where he officially declared open an exhibition on the life and works of cultural icon, Hon. Louise Bennett Coverley.

At that brief ceremony, he underscored the importance of the preservation of the nation’s heritage, for the benefit of future generations.

The Governor-General’s visit to Hanover formed part of a scheduled tour of all parishes across the island.