King’s House Advisory – COVID-19 Pandemic

The Office of the Governor-General and Staff wishes to advise the public that in response to safety concerns and the new guidelines established to combat the spread of COVID-19, that all social programmes to include Tours, Events, Courtesy Calls, and other visits to King’s House have been postponed with immediate effect and until further notice. Only mandatory matters of state will be dealt with during this time. His Excellency the Governor-General also wishes to encourage everyone to cooperate with and follow the guidelines issued by the Government, health care professionals and essential services providers.

Custodes, especially those who belong to the group of persons vulnerable to the virus, are advised to follow the recommended guidelines while supporting activities to prevent the transmission of the pathogen. Custodes are also encouraged to keep abreast of the revised schedule of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence to adjust activities accordingly and contact the National Coordinator for further advice and details. The Governor-General thanks all healthcare and essential services personnel, churches and organisations that are playing their part to ensure the safety and welfare of our citizens. His Excellency notes that, “As we combine our resolve and resources to address this Global epidemic that has reached our shores; let us be mindful of the elderly, vulnerable, unemployed, and those with special needs and pray that we will get through this period being more resilient than before.”