Lady Allen Visits with Golden-Agers at St. Monica’s

Her Excellency the Most Honourable Lady Allen brought early Christmas cheer to residents of the St. Monica’s Home in St. Catherine when she visited on Monday December 9.

The home for the elderly was supplied with much needed adult diapers and medication, through the kind contribution of the LASCO Company. These items, along with towels and blankets donated by Ammar’s, were handed over to representatives of the home by Her Excellency the Most Hon. Lady Allen.

Her Excellency noted that 2014 would undoubtedly be a difficult one for the home, as one of its main overseas charity events did not take place this year.  Nonetheless, all hope was not lost, according to the wife of The Governor-General.

“The year 2014 will indeed be a trying and challenging one.  However, we cannot become burdened by our situations as we must, in all our doings, render assistance to those who are less fortunate, especially our older folk,” said Lady Allen.

She congratulated the staff at the Home for doing a tremendous job in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the residents. She reminded them that even through their service to the folks at the home that they were also in service to God.

Lady Allen was guided on a tour of the property by Monsignor Richard Albert  where she got a first-hand view of the different areas of the institution. This included a greenhouse managed by Mr. Lloyd Anderson, a resident at the home, the chapel which is also in dire need of repair, as well as the male and female wards where the residents are accommodated.

At the end of the function, Lady Allen was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Anderson presented her with a lush bundle of calaloo reaped from the greenhouse.