Leave a Legacy for our Youngsters!

The jam-packed Jamaica College auditorium, which was the venue for Sunday, March 17 “I Believe I Can Fly” motivational seminar in Kingston, was a testimony that Jamaicans are embracing self-belief as one of the key components for achieving success.

The hundreds of persons in attendance heard from renowned motivational coach Alvin Day who, in partnership with the I Believe Initiative, hosted the second leg of a series of motivational seminars. The events, which he says will “drive hope in the bellies of every Jamaican”, are being held under the patronage of the Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen.

In his address, the Governor-General said that “The I Believe Initiative is an initiative that emerged from my inaugural speech in which I declared that ‘there is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by using what is right with Jamaica’ and so many people have come to believe and accept that we can fix ourselves”.

He continued that the conference came at “such a fortuitous time, right on the heels of a record breaking Boys and Girls Championship”. He could not resist the opportunity to publicly commend the young athletes for their phenomenal performance at the Grace Kennedy ISSA Boys and Girls Championship, an event he declared was “a championship weekend”.

“What we saw last night is a typical example of what Jamaica is. We have been inspired by those who have gone ahead of us and the youngsters coming after us must be inspired by us. We have a responsibility to leave a legacy; a legacy of leadership; of commitment; of transparency; of doing a job well wherever we are placed. We are responsible to leave a legacy for them so that the ones coming after us will look at what we have done and find us faithful. We must do what we are called to do very well, we must bloom where we are planted”, the Governor-General said.

The seminars which also surround Day’s best-selling book “If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I”, gave guidance to persons on how to become successful in their lives. “I am not here to motivate you’, Day said during his interactive presentation.  ‘I am here to present the practical rules of life and give you guidance on how to make your lives better. If you become motivated and start believing in yourselves then I would have achieved something here today”, he said with fingers pointed at the captive audience. “You can change your life with a thought… I have seen it in the lives of people, in my life, in the life of people who are hungry and passionate for more… if you change the belief system of the children and the teachers, you will transform Jamaica in one generation,” Day declared during his presentation.

Not only did the seminar inspire through words but also through musical renditions by upcoming gospel artiste Omari and the smooth voice of jazz singer Karen Smith.

Each I Believe I Can Fly seminar is supported and organised in collaboration with Custodes of the parishes in the county in which it is being held, and through sponsorship from corporate Jamaica.  So far, seminars have been held in the counties of Cornwall and Surrey.

The Governor-General’s Remarks