Never give up on Jamaica GG tells Jamaicans in the UK

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen is urging Jamaicans in the United Kingdom (UK) to remain committed despite the challenges which the country faces. “I will never give up on Jamaica, no matter the challenges and problems; no matter the obstacles we face, no matter how threatening the storm clouds appear. We will not roll over and die”.

These were the sentiments shared by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen in his address at a reception for the Diaspora as part of the nation’s 50th Independence celebration in London. The reception was hosted by Jamaica’s High Commissioner to London Her Excellency Aloun Assamba on June 2.

His comments were made against the background of the significant achievements highlighted in the areas of politics, sports, education and music since Jamaica achieved Independence in 1962.  The Governor-General added that for a small nation Jamaica has contributed much to world history. He also stated that there is much more to be achieved and that this can only be accomplished through the continued belief in and support for the nation.

“We have much to be proud of as we celebrate Jamaica 50. We have maintained a healthy robust and enviable Parliamentary democracy.  We have always aimed to change our Government peacefully and democratically and have not been fraught with the democratic collapse which we have seen in too many countries, including some in the Commonwealth,” the Governor-General said.

Sir Patrick Allen applauded Jamaicans for the work they continue to do and commended the efforts of the unsung heroes and ambassadors. “You are our ambassadors, our permanent representatives. When our athletes have folded their tents and our booths are down, you will still be here carrying our flag high and being that beacon of the Jamaican spirit. You are invaluable to us. We can’t overemphasize the critical role you play in promoting Jamaica”, the Governor General said.

Turning to the bilateral relationship between Jamaica and Britain, Sir Patrick Allen said that this has evolved over the years, but noted that the bond has remained constant.  “Our high regard for The Queen and the Royal family will no doubt remain, whatever the future might hold in the natural evolution of constitutional relationships between Jamaica and Britain,” Sir Patrick Allen said.

He added that Jamaicans have the maturity and sophistication to distinguish between constitutional systems and fraternal relations, and to know that human solidarity and bonding is not conflated with any particular type of political arrangement, as relationships go beyond structures.

The Governor General and the Most Honourable Lady Allen are in London to participate in The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.  They will return to the island on Wednesday, June 6.


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