New Initiatives to be Undertaken to Improve Education System

New initiatives will be undertaken in the upcoming fiscal year to further improve the education system.

This was noted today (March 27), by Governor General, His Excellency, the Most Hon. Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, during his Throne Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, which marks the beginning of the new fiscal year, which commences on April 1.

“New innovations will be introduced at various levels within the education system to improve lesson delivery, school management and study activities. The range of options for acquiring knowledge and skills will be more closely integrated to ensure that each student can pursue a path appropriate to his individual talent and aptitude,” the Governor General said.

He emphasized that even though education is expensive, “it is not a privilege, it is a right, and that the government is determined to ensure that no child is denied a high school education because his/her parents cannot afford to pay tuition fees.”

The Governor General cited the elimination of tuition fees for secondary school students, as part of the government’s commitment to ensure that every child has access to education.

He also said steps will be taken to strengthen early childhood education, “to give our children a more solid foundation on which to build their learning experience.”

Sir Kenneth pointed to the necessity of accelerating the transformation of the education system into one that offers high quality training and equips young people to be productive citizens capable of earning a decent living.

The Governor General said young persons between the ages of 14 and 19 will be of particular focus in this year’s budget, “especially young males whose academic underperformance and social dysfunctionality require urgent attention.”

The revitalization of youth clubs and uniformed groups, special re-orientation and training programmes, support for the establishment of a youth business trust and the expansion of youth information centres, are also part of the government’s plan to get young persons more involved in nation building.

He pointed out that initiatives will also be introduced to streamline the activities of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in youth work.

Sir Kenneth also noted that the government will be strengthening community sports programmes throughout the island, as part of a National Sports Policy to be presented this year.