Preserve Heritage Sites, GG Tells Youngsters

“King’s House forms a part of Jamaica’s rich architectural heritage.” This was the reminder coming from His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen when he addressed the JIS Heritage Competition Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 6 at King’s House.

The competition which is being hosted for the fourth time by the JIS was applauded by Sir Patrick Allen for its ongoing ability to motivate young people to conduct in-depth research into their culture and heritage. “It stimulates the literary art at a time when the shortcuts of social media threaten language fluency and expression; and for the first time, it encourages talents and fosters creativity through artistic depiction of our rich and diverse heritage,” he noted.

He said the history of King’s House and many other historical sites in Jamaica tell their own story of the country and its people who endured hardship, fought battles and persevered for the freedom of which all can enjoy. Against this background, Sir Patrick encouraged the participants to help keep Jamaica’s history alive by preserving those heritage sites for future generations to experience and enjoy. “I hope that your participation in the important essay and poster competition has inspired you to make your own contribution to your country. Believe in your ability and work hard to realize your best dream,” he said.

He concluded by thanking the Jamaica Information Service for its creative ways of exposing our young people to Jamaican culture and heritage. “The values for which our National Heroes fought and for which some paid the ultimate sacrifice are an immense part of that heritage. Subsequent accomplishments in various spheres, including by unsung heroes, make us proud to be Jamaican,” he stated.