The Most Honourable Lady Cooke

The Most Hon. Lady Cooke, former First Lady of Jamaica, has been outstanding in the area of education. A graduate of Warsop All Age School and Bethlehem Training College for Teachers she also pursued courses at the Department of Child Development Institute of Education, University of London, and various educational courses at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

This extensive training has earned her various leadership positions in the teaching field. She has served as Senior Assistant and Acting Principal at Bell Castle All Age School, Senior Assistant at Montego Bay Boys School, subject teacher and school Guidance Counsellor – Montego Bay High School for Girls and has worked in the Ministry of Education and Teacher Training Colleges as Supervisor and Assessor in the Teacher Internship Programme. As an Education Officer for Early Childhood Education, Lady Cooke supervised teachers in training, planning and in the implementation of Early Childhood Education programmes.

With this background, Lady Cooke has been able to make major contributions to the Latin America & Caribbean First Ladies Group on Social Programmes for mother, child and family since her first involvement in 1991 to date. She has attended their International Conferences and has been instrumental in guiding the affairs of this august body.

On the social side, she has trained speech and singing choirs for the Jamaica National Festival Movement and supported several Basic School projects in partnership with United Way. Lady Cooke is a specialist in child development and guidance counselling, home economics and needlework.

She enjoys gardening, sewing and music and has an interest in programmes for the advancement of early childhood education and the status of women, as well as rural agriculture.

She married Howard Cooke in July 1939 and they had two sons, Howard and Richard, and one daughter, Audrey.