The Most Honourable Lady Glasspole

Lady Glasspole (Ina Josephine) was the wife of Sir Florizel Glasspole, the third Governor-General of Jamaica.

Before up taking up residence King’s House, Lady Glasspole was an active voluntary social welfare worker in East Kingston and Port Royal where her husband served as Member of Parliament for 29 years.

As wife of the Governor-General she gave patronage to many organisations, including the National Children’s Home, Soroptimist Club, Corona Society, Josephine Glasspole Basic School, Inner Wheel Club and the Josephine Glasspole Convalescence Home, among others.

Lady Glasspole was born in Victoria Park, Fyffes Pen in St. Elizabeth to property owner, Charles Courtnay Kinlocke and Mary Louise Ridley-Kinlocke. She attended the Little London Primary School and other private institutions.

She married the Florizel Augustus Glasspole in 1934. They had one daughter, Sara-Lou.

Lady Glasspole died on January 4, 1999, seventeen days short of her 90 th birthday.


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