Lady Allen and I welcome you all very warmly to the grounds of King’s House this afternoon. It is a pleasure to have you again for our annual public meeting.

Today we are here to celebrate the legacy of the Scouts and to:

  • Pay respect to the Contributions of the Scout Movement which has groomed our Cubs and has made them helpful, kind, obedient and respectable young men and women for the past one hundred years.
  • Celebrate the Scout leaders who have made it their duty to teach, mentor and be good role models for upcoming Scouts.

I know that they have shown you all what it means to work together, work hard and be your brothers’ and sisters’ keeper. They have encouraged you to give of your best at all times, that is what excellence is made of.

Can I see the hands of those who are proud to be part of the Scout association?

To be a Cub Scout, Scout, Venture, Rover, Scout leader is a great honour that one should take seriously. I am proud to be Chief Scout, to be part of a movement that leaves a lasting positive impression on our youth.

Scout Leaders have been tremendous role models and mentors- offering a gateway to healthy habits, hobbies and opportunities.

Scouting is a place where friendships are made, where we learn from each other, develop a brotherhood, learn new skills and have a great time whilst doing it! Right? What you learn here prepares you for the greatest adventure of all: life.

How to be a good citizen, respectful, helpful, considerate, kind, positive, groom yourself well and work with others.

Cubs and young people, enjoy and learn from the activities that you take part in. I promise you that these moments will be part of your greatest memories in the future. I encourage you to put the phones and tablets away sometimes, take a break from social media and the internet and instead focus your energies on doing something else outdoors. You will find that others around you become inspired to do the same and before long you would have made an impact on not just your own life but the lives of others too.

The story is told of the Peacock Listening to the nightingale’s sweet voice, he was upset that he could not sing. At that moment, Zues, the leader of the gods, appeared and said to the peacock.

“Why are you upset?” Zues asked the peacock.

The peacock complained about his rough voice and how he was sad because of it. “The nightingale has such a beautiful voice. Why don’t I?”

After listening to the peacock, Zues explained, “every living being is special in his or her own way. They are made in a certain manner that serves the greater purpose. Yes, the nightingale is blessed with a beautiful voice, but you are also blessed – with such a beautiful and glittering tail! The trick is to look at the best in others and find it within yourself.”

The peacock understood how silly he had been in comparing himself to others and forgetting his own attributes. He realized that day, that everyone was unique in one way or another and that in being yourself and counting your blessings he could inspire others to do the same.

On that note, I wish to take this time to offer my congratulations to those who will be awarded and recognized today for their achievements and contributions. I know that you will continue to do great things. I was very proud to join you last year for the regional cuboree in Ocho Rios- you hosted well and exceeded expectation. I hope you will attend the next one.

Thank you also to Mr. John Leiba: Chairman of the executive committee, Mr. Maurice Brown: outgoing Commissioner, Mr. Garth Russell: incoming Commissioner and board members for your faithful service to the cause of the Scouts. The association has been blessed by your service.