I am pleased to be sharing in their accomplishment and the joy being experienced by the PROComm family, friends and trade associates, as you launch the newest addition to your business portfolio, PRODev. 

Let me also use this opportunity to acknowledge the presence of Mrs. Maisie Lowrie, the matriarch from whom her daughter Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin draws much of her inspiration and support in the early days of PROComm. 

The establishment of PRODev speaks volumes to the possibilities and potentials in Jamaica, that are ready to be tapped and unlocked by the progressive business mind.  What we see here this afternoon, is a development that embodies modernity, security and style consistent with global standards. 

This also is the result of the convergence of family, faith, commitment and hardwork: 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. This attitude and approach which is going to enable Jamaica to achieve its vision 2030. 

We need more of our citizens preferably all,  to “believe” as the Chins family, that Jamaica can be the place of choice, to live raise families and do business and  work selflessly and conscientiously to achieve that. And it does not have to be giant leaps but step by step, one step at a time; as long as we all are stepping. 

Believe, unite, trust and affirm each other and be focused on this one thing, “Jamaica”.

Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin shared that in 2013, the year PROComm celebrated its 35th Anniversary, she reflected upon its success and thought of the arid economic climate of the seventies during which it was established. With that reminder, they were able to pull it off in another challenging era. So they stepped out in faith starting this development on this property that the family had acquired in 1988.  

The Chin’s commitment to family and their disposition towards national development through their various companies, even in challenging circumstances, is noteworthy and deserving of applause. At a time when many Jamaican were ‘giving up’ and migrating to other parts  of the world for better ‘opportunities,’  the Chins stayed the course and through PROComm provided employment and career guidance for many Jamaicans. Their professional and social involvement in various communities and organizations in Jamaica and across the Diaspora, have far reaching positive effect. 

If I may also add, that their solid marriage of 42 years come December speaks volumes to the solid foundation on which this family and these initiatives rest. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, aptly conveys the message of the Governor-General’s I Believe Initiative, a social programme predicated on the pillars of family, youth development and education. It is focused on fixing what is wrong with Jamaica, by using what is right with it.

The PROComm family with its various developmental initiatives and sterling contribution to nation building through communication, public relations, education and family values is the epitome of what is right with Jamaica. 

I learn that there is another project which will offer special options for seniors, and that grounds will break for this project in 2016. 

Instead of complaints and giving into despair the Chins are creating, innovating and playing their part in the development of Jamaica and modeling the next generations of entrepreneurs. 


We congratulate you and wish you every success with ProDev and future developments.  


Thank you!