His Excellency The Governor-General’s 2022 New Year’s Message

“New Dawn, New Journey: The Directory Of Our Lives”


My Fellow Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora.

On this first day of 2022, we welcome a new dawn that is ripe with limitless possibilities.   Today, as we start on our new journey into the unknown, I offer you words of courage and hope.  Hope to believe that better days are on the horizon and the courage to rise and meet them.


No man is an island entire of itself.’ The bonds that unite us are stronger than the elements that divide us.  It is this unity that will sustain us as we move forward to take advantage of the opportunities, as we confront the realities of crime, COVID and corruption, and pull ourselves up as we retool, redefine and refocus on who we are and what we can achieve together.

Let  us not allow Jamaica  to be defined by antisocial behavior but by the brain power of our scholars and pedagogues, the speed of our sportsmen and sportswomen, our ingenuity and stamina.  We must, as a nation, be inspired by our leaders, heroes, parents, pastors, teachers and professionals.

As a people, we have been able to evolve and adapt through the eras of our experiences.  Let us continue to show “the strength and vigour of our minds”, charting a path harmoniously.  We cannot chart a solid future pulled apart in different directions. But united we can achieve our goals.

Our Poet Laureate, Olive Senior, in her  anthology, Over the Roofs of the World, aptly reminds us ‘you have entered that place where flight is given . . . “

         So we take flight into the new year, ready to:

  • Reaffirm our commitment to God and country.
  • Celebrate each other.
  • Believe in ourselves, and,
  • Build a better Jamaica for generations to come, building a solid foundation one step at a time, one day at a time.

The American author and journalist, Mitch Albom said,  ‘Things we see did not appear with our arrival here, they were here long before. . . .  We build on them, we strengthen, we repair,  so that the next generation will build and take it to another level which befits.’

The problems of the past year have tested our mettle and strengthened us to face the odds. The reality is that the new year will be no different.  We will, therefore, continue to face challenges in 2022 and we may have to make crucial decisions in our personal and national lives. However, we will not do so alone.  The Good Book reminds us to be ‘Be strong and be of good courage, do not fear . . .  for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.’

As we stand at the gate of  2022, let us tread into the new dawn, and embark on this new journey with courage, confidence and commitment that TOGETHER we will reap success in the task of nation-building.  Let us move forward in building our homes, communities and our nation, steering a path to success.

Lady Allen and the King’s House Staff join me in wishing everyone a bright and prosperous New Year filled with good health and happiness.


God bless you and God bless ‘Jamaica, land we love.’