Message from the Governor-General for Civil Service Week 2009

I commend employees across the public sector whose hard work has helped Jamaica remain strong and competitive despite the challenges facing the nation at this time.

According to Chinese proverb, a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. Jamaicans must therefore remain resolute and work our way out of the challenges. I believe that although ominous clouds are still hovering, we will emerge victorious from the global economic maelstrom.

As we turn our challenges into opportunities our Civil Servants will need to lead the process of creating avenues for investments and sustainable growth and development across all sectors of society. We must use the fruits of the ongoing refinement and modernization of the public sector as well as the opportunities created for education and training, to help in the restoration of values and ethics in our nation.

As Civil Servants you are among those at the forefront of our struggles, and you must be the driving force that leads by example to take the country forward.

I commend all the awardees being recognised for long and dedicated service to the public sector. Your exemplary work and the long term benefits to Jamaica is evidence that truly there is no greater service than service to country.

Thank you for your service to the nation and I trust that this week will be one of renewal for all Civil Servants.