Message from the Governor-General for National Parents’ Month

Our parents face a tremendous task in today’s society. Many parents are faced with the challenge of raising children in single-parent homes, or acting as guardians for their wards. They also have to contend with technology, television, peers, and the general public, as there are contending views about what is socially acceptable.

The role of parents has become significantly more challenging and they need all the help available. I therefore applaud the Coalition for Better Parenting (CBP), National Parent Teachers Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ), and other stakeholders who work closely with the Ministry of Education to develop programmes that assist families with the necessary resources to ensure the success of our youth.

This year’s focus is based on the Ministry’s goal to realise full literacy at the primary level by 2015. This can only be achieved with the input of parents, along with collaboration of the schools and other stakeholders. At this time when we celebrate Jamaica’s parents, we are reminded of how integral they are to the development of our youth and the realization of our nation’s goals.

The famous African proverb which states, “It takes a village to raise a child,” means that parents must create a network where they learn from each other, support each other, and treat every child they see as if they were their own.

I wish you success in your celebration of National Parents’ Month!