Message from the Governor-General His Excellency The Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, ON, GCMG, CD, KStJ United Nations Day 2019

I extend warm and sincere greetings to the assembled gathering of persons who share the vision of nations united by their commitment to cooperation.

The United Nations Charter, which came into force 70 years ago, is still relevant.  The Sustainable Development Goals have served to further amplify elements of the Charter and set specific targets. Whatever the uniqueness of the traditions and experiences associated with individual nations, we find value in dialogue, increasing mutual understanding and being alive to future constructive engagement.

I commend and support the UN Country Team in Jamaica in its focus on young people.  For the most part, today’s youth are blessed with the gift of curiosity about the past and the present, and service to others is increasingly a feature of their relationships.  We must encourage their optimism and find ways of ensuring that our social and governance structures do not inhibit their enthusiasm  or incite unbridled extravagance of one kind or another.

As an Independent Nation, Jamaica has always sought to share its strengths with other Nations and Organizations.  Our country has benefited from alliances and cooperation in the appropriate contexts and the associated fora.

As we retain our optimism about our collective future, I remind the participants in their conversations that we believe that there is nothing wrong with our country, which cannot be successfully addressed, by what is right with Jamaica.

I trust that your deliberations and celebration of this significant milestone will be satisfying and successful in every way.