January 14, 2014

It is indeed my pleasure to be here this morning at the launch of Sagicor’s Sigma Corporate Run 2014.  Although the year is already two weeks old, I am using this opportunity to extend to all present, your staff and your family members, my best wishes for a year that is filled with good health, peace, love, prosperity and a generous spirit.

I am also pleased to greet my co- patrons, Mrs. Shelly-Ann Frazer Price and Ms Tessanne Chin and to specially welcome Tessanne on board. No doubt your participation will help strengthen the voice of our appeal for support.

Since its inception sixteen years ago, the Sigma Corporate Run has grown from strength to strength and has garnered the support of Jamaicans from all walks of life, regardless of age.  For me, one of the noteworthy features of this annual event is its all-inclusiveness as there are races for runners, walkers and those who are wheelchair-bound.

The success of this Corporate Run, over so many years, is indisputable evidence that the organizers and their support team must be doing something right for Jamaica.  I therefore congratulate them for persevering with this undertaking.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in economically challenging times where financial resources are scarce and the funds in the government’s coffers cannot adequately finance the needs of our health and other social services.  Therefore, it is heartening to see private sector entities being good corporate citizens and not shirking their social responsibility, despite their own business-related challenges.  This morning we are proudly witnessing a fine example of good corporate social responsibility in action.

Bearing in mind its track record, it is not surprising that the theme of Sagicor’s programme for Corporate Social Responsibility is “Health, Sports And Education” and that Sigma’s theme very clearly declares: “Save Our Children, Save Our Future”. These themes oriented the very careful selection of this year’s beneficiaries, namely the Sickle Cell Unit and the Special Care Nursery also at the University Hospital of the West Indies, as well as the Jamaica Kidney For Kids Foundation. I am confident that the positive impact of Sigma Corporate Run 2014 will be felt by the entities, their staff, the patients, their families and their caregivers.

The target has been set: $17 Million.  I urge as many as possible individuals, groups, companies and organisations to get involved in the 2014 Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run. It’s one event which provides participants with an opportunity to get exercise while helping to care for our nation’s children.  Our children need your support!  Let’s work together to make this a truly Happy New Year for our children!

Thank you.