Remarks by His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen ON, GCMG, CD, KSt.J Governor-General for Swearing In of the Honourable Mr Justice Bryan Sykes as Chief Justice March 1, 2018

Good Morning everyone


  • The Most Honourable Andrew Holness – Prime Minister
  • Dr. Peter Phillips – Leader of the Opposition
  • The Honourable Thomas Tavares – Finson – President of the Senate
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes – Chief Justice-designate
  • Members of the Cabinet
  • The Hon. Mr. Justice Dennis Morrison – President of the Court of Appeal
  • Members of the Privy Council
  • My Lords and Ladies of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court (Serving & Retired)
  • Members of the Judicial Service Commission
  • DPP, Ms. Paula Llewellyn
  • Honourable Custodes
  • Other Leaders of the Public Service
  • Representatives of the Bar Association
  • Reverend Dr. Roy Henry
  • Ladies and gentlemen


Introduction and remarks

Lady Allen joins me in extending a very warm welcome to everyone of you gathered here this morning.  Thank you for joining in acknowledging and supporting the Chief Justice as he embarks on this odyssey, heading the third branch of government – the Judiciary.

We are a people with strong respected national institutions and a resilient spirit.  As a people we value and nurture those strengths even as we embrace the opportunities and strategies to address the uncertainties of the future.

Despite the vicissitudes of governance, today we celebrate the oneness of national purpose; confident that our constitution and our governance arrangements remain inviolate, and our democracy is even more vibrant as when it began fifty-five years ago.

Today we can take pride in our ability to accept responsibility, reconcile differences, and take actions which clearly demonstrate that the wellbeing of the nation is paramount in our decisions.

Honourable Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes, your appointment today speaks to the confidence that is reposed in your ability to faithfully and effectively discharge the mandate of the office of Chief Justice.

I do believe that those who have ears to hear and minds to reflect are fully assured that you will perform your duties in a way that brings credit to your administration and satisfaction to the society at large.

I know that your immediate predecessor in office, the Honourable Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla, has established a solid template on which you may continue to build and transform the Judiciary.  This no doubt will redound to its efficiency in dispensing justice in our country satisfactorily.

It is our tradition to invest our Chief Justice with the fourth highest honour and as a Member of the Order of Jamaica.  The motto of the Order reads “For a covenant of the people”. That speaks of an unbreakable bond between the aspirations of the people in general, and those who lead and guide at the national level.

The responsibility rests on all who are so honoured and decorated to preserve the highest standards of integrity and service, honouring thereby the people from among whom they have sprung.

We are proud of you Justice Sykes and your record of service.

Please accept my congratulation and welcome to the office of Chief Justice of Jamaica, with all its rights privileges and responsibilities.

Please stand as I read the Instrument of your Appointment…….


(Orator reads the instrument of Appointment as a Member of the Order of Jamaica)