I extend a warm welcome to everyone present today at King’s House, to witness the Swearing-in Ceremony for the appointment of Mr. Ian Forbes, to the Office of Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of St. Andrew.

Mr. Forbes’ appointment follows that of the Honourable Patricia Dunwell, Custos for the Parish of St. Andrew, who has ably executed the functions of the Office since 2016.

Custos Dunwell, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for a job well done.


Mr. Forbes, the man and the moment have met!  St Andrew has a population of over 570,000 persons and 2,000 Justices of the Peace. You will be leading that cadre at a challenging time in your Parish and our nation but the task is doable because of your ability to manage large activities, mobilise individuals and achieve successful results.

The ongoing health crisis dictates that we continue to adapt to our environment to remain safe and healthy. Many of your activities will have to be creatively executed to ensure their adherence to established protocols whilst promoting the value of service and volunteerism. Given your robust and proven track record in marketing, I do not foresee that to be a challenge.

We recognize that faithful, effective service to the people of the Parish is the hallmark of a successful Custos and that any aspirant to this important position must have a demonstrable history of outstanding service and probity. You have acquitted yourself well in this regard.

You are being given the mandate today to:

  • Represent The Governor-General as the first citizen of the Parish of St Andrew.
  • Espouse the values of The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence.
  • Direct other administrative and social programmes that attend the Office, and,
  • Give leadership to the Justices of the Peace.

One of the things this platform allows for is to provide opportunities to help inculcate in our young people, the values which will propel them to believe in themselves, eschew the things that are wrong about Jamaica, and embrace what is helpful to their growth and development.

And you will not have to do it alone.  You have the support of the Justices of the Peace, the examples and legacies of former Custodes of St Andrew, friends and well-wishers as you embark on this new assignment.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the position of Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of St. Andrew.  I hope that your tenure will be crowned with success measured in the lives which you will positively.


Best wishes.


I now invite you to receive the Instrument of Appointment.