Career Opportunity – Handyman (LMO/TS 2)

Salary: $9,860.00 – $11,156.00 per week



Under the supervision of the House Supervisor, the Handy Man is responsible for carrying out a range of general maintenance duties on the Main and Adjacent Buildings to include sweeping and cleaning of general areas on the House and in the Residence; cleaning of windows, roof, and walls and moving items of furniture and fixtures. This role requires the operation of a range of tools and equipment.


Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  1. Wash, clean and disinfect all drains around the Main Building.
  2. Sweep all corridors adjoining the Ballroom.
  3. Power was balcony to His Excellency’s Office; wash/clean windows and columns. Tend to and water plants and keep planter boxes in pristine condition.
  4. Sweep Consular Garden. Wash stones, benches, tables and other items located in that area.  Assist with watering of plants.
  5. Assist with care of plants in Consular Garden.
  6. Sweep corridor to the Pantry. Sweep walk area to the Laundry Block, remove items of garbage along the walkway and behind water tanks.  Keep area in clean condition.
  7. Clean and disinfect all gutters and drain pipes around the Main Building, Pantry, House and Laundry Block.
  8. Clean exterior and interior windows (high areas) in the Main Building (to include the Residence).
  9. Cobweb and dust walls and ceilings (high areas), wipe door facings and walls as directed.
  10. Clean fish pond each week and feed fish as directed. Carry out daily check of fish pond to ensure maintenance at the required standard.
  11. Maintain supplies of chemicals to enable cleaning duties Assigned.
  12. Haul garbage receptacles as required.
  13. Assist with stripping, cleaning, and buffing of floors and other surfaces as required.
  14. Conduct period check of window and door hinges and report any defect to the Events Manager.
  15. Assist with projects as required.
  16. Set water for the Police and Grounds Men.
  17. Power wash concrete surfaces around the Main Building as directed.
  18. Provide assistance for the removal of a range of items to include paintings, furniture, boxes, etc.



  1. Knowledge of basic cleaning and maintenance techniques.
  2. Able to use a range of tools and equipment.
  3. Knowledge of chemicals used in housekeeping and maintenance operations and their correct application.
  4. Understanding of health and safety issues.
  5. Knowledge and understanding of caring for fish and their habitat.



  1. Is loyal, composed, trustworthy and demonstrates impeccable integrity.
  2. Able to organize, set priorities, multi-task and meet deadlines.
  3. Is able to anticipate customer needs, change goals and direction quickly.
  4. A problem solving and results driven individual with an eye for details.
  5. Is confidential and professional in personal conduct and execution of duties.



  • Completion of secondary level education, AND
  • Certificate in General Maintenance, AND
  • Experience operating a range of tools and equipment.
  • At least two (2) years’ experience working in a similar capacity.



This job is outdoors.  Direct exposure to varied weather conditions is to be expected (e.g. sun, wind, heat, etc.).

The Handy Man is expected to take a non-traditional approach to working hours. This means that he or she may be required to work a flexible schedule, which will include at times long hours, work on weekends and Public Holidays.

This position requires coordinating with superiors to solve problems that arise, spending long hours on one’s feet and often having to lift heavy objects. This positions involves manual labour.


You may email your application letter and resume to

Please state the post of interest in the subject line.

We appreciate all interests; however, we will respond only to candidates shortlisted.

Applications close on Friday, March 26, 2021.