Director of Finance (FMG/PA 2)

Under the direction of the Governor-General’s Secretary, the Director of Finance is responsible for supporting and supervising the accounting and financial management activities which include budgeting and commitments, expenditure and receipt controls, payroll preparation and financial accounts. The Director safeguards the Office’s assets by applying accounting principles and procedures. He or she compiles, analyzes and presents financial information as well as financial performance data through timely reports and statements reflecting the financial status of the Office, in the conduct of his or her duties.


The incumbent prepares financial reports and statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting control procedures and supports the Governor-General’s Secretary (GGS) in providing financial data which forms the basis of the Office’s financial management reports presented to His Excellency The Governor-General and the Ministry of Finance & the Public Service (MOF&PS). In so doing, he or she monitors the utilization of the various budgets, ensuring the efficient use of allocated resources.  The incumbent is held accountable and responsible for making financially sound recommendations taking into consideration factors such as risk, financial planning and control, cash flow as well as maintaining proper accounting practices.


The Director provides guidance and direction with respect to the financial regulations and related GOJ Staff Orders in order to ensure that the activities of the Finance & Accounting Unit are in keeping with the requirements, regulations and instructions of the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act, as well as policies from the MOF&PS, which guides those of the Office.


The Director seeks to achieve the above by entrenching ‘A culture of excellence through people performance and partnerships’, coupled with employee motivation and commitment, which includes high levels of accountability, responsibility and documented productivity.




  1. Operational Plan and Budget.
  2. Financial Statements.
  3. Fortnightly and Monthly Payrolls.
  4. Statutory and Non-Statutory Deductions.
  5. Journal entries.
  6. External Reports including Annual Statutory Returns and the Annual Wage Bill.
  7. Response time for queries.
  8. Letters, memoranda, internal reports, minutes and other documents.
  9. File systems for electronic and manual records.




Management/Administrative Responsibilities


  1. Ensures that the Unit’s output conforms to acceptable accounting and financial standards and practices which are specific and relevant to its operations.
  2. Provides direction, support and control to direct reports in order to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained to carry out their responsibilities to the required standards.
  3. Ensures that the workload is adequately shared, and the Staff is provided with the appropriate tools to effectively perform and deliver.
  4. Develops and monitors work schedules and/or programmes to ensure the effective utilization of direct reports to accomplish the Unit’s objectives and the Office’s goals and obligations.


Technical/Professional Responsibilities


  1. Is responsible for the effective and efficient management and control of funds received with respect to compensation, travelling, goods and services.
  2. Analyzes and presents financial reports in an accurate and timely manner, clearly communicating monthly and annual financial statements, while overseeing the accounting for all financial, projects and programmes.
  3. Ensures that the appropriate and up-to-date financial and accounting records are maintained in accordance with the FAA Act.
  4. Updates and implements all necessary business policies and accounting practices. Develops and implements the Unit’s Policies and Procedures Manual.
  5. Establishes and maintains records of GOJ rules and procedures. Ensures that the Staff is kept informed and updated on GOJ policies, the MOF&PS’s instructions and decisions in relation to Government financial procedures and any related changes.
  6. Ensures that any requests for the Budget, Cash Flow, financial statements, and reports are prepared and submitted to the MOF&PS accurately and on time, while taking into consideration the specific needs of the Unit. Manages cash flow and forecasting.
  7. Communicates and presents critical financial matters to the GGS; manages the finance, payroll and expenditure functions.
  8. Administers and reviews all financial plans and budgets, prepares and submits written financial/statistical information as requested by the MOF&PS, monitors progress and changes and keeps the GGS abreast of the Office’s financial status.
  9. Implements a robust contracts management and financial management reporting system; ensures that financial data and cash flow are steady and support operational requirements.
  10. Maintains effective working relationships with the Office’s bankers, and liaises with external persons relevant to the Office’s financial operations.
  11. Ensures Audit Schedules, Financial Reports and Bank Reconciliations are prepared and available to Auditors on a timely basis and provides support to the Audit team.
  12. Reviews Audit Queries, coordinates replies to the Auditor General and the Internal Auditors. Ensures agreed recommendations relating to expenditure and accounting processes are implemented.
  13. Prepares the Annual Appropriation Account with respect to revenue and expenditure for submission to the MOF&P, the Accountant General’s Department and Auditor General’s Department; provides explanations for variations between budgetary allocation and expenditure.
  14. Oversees and leads the annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the GGS, obtains data from Programme Managers.
  15. Prepares the Annual Budget (Estimate of Expenditure) and Supplementary requests for total Head (01000), and submits to the MOF&PS accurately and on time, taking into consideration the specific needs of the Office.
  16. Ensures that the Wage Bill is prepared and submitted to the MOF&PS, as well as the timely remittance of all deductions to the relevant institutions.
  17. Ensures that costs in respect of personal telephone calls made by staff are collected and accounted for.
  18. Ensures that Purchase Requisitions are committed and approved for financial clearance.


Departmental Human Resource Responsibilities


  1. Provides leadership to direct reports by creating the vision and motivating them towards achieving the Unit’s goals, and at the same time encourages a team approach.
  2. Manages the welfare and development of employees of the Unit through the timely preparation of, and feedback to, performance appraisals as well as recommendations for training and development programmes.
  3. Provides guidance to direct reports through coaching, mentoring and training, providing assistance and support as and when needed, while ensuring that they are aware of, and adhere to the King’s House Standing Orders, the GOJ Staff Orders, policies, procedures and regulations of the Office and the GOJ as a whole.
  4. Ensures that proper working conditions exist for the Unit’s Staff members.


Other Responsibilities


  1. Supports the output of the Office’s Strategic/Business and Operational Plans.
  2. Represents the Office at meetings, conferences and other fora as requested.
  3. Prepares reports and budget briefs for the GGS on request.
  4. Performs any other job-related functions as assigned by the GGS.




  1. The GOJ Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System is supported through the business/strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation process and timely preparation of required reports.
  2. Estimates of Expenditure, Financial Statements and Work Plans are drafted and analyzed within a timeframe that supports the Office’s strategic objectives and by so doing, supports the Office in achieving desired outcomes.
  3. Financial Statements are reviewed and analyzed, and the relevant reports are completed within the stipulated time frames.
  4. Coordinated and completed budgets for the various Units of the Office are submitted in the required timeframe, and expenditures are kept within agreed limits with substantiated reasons if they are not.
  5. Reports on budgetary compliance and financial management are delivered to the GGS within the required time frame.
  6. The financial resources of the Office are effectively monitored to ensure maximum utilization and minimum waste. Expenditures under each activity are made within the constraints of the budget and separate accounts are kept for each activity.
  7. Payment vouchers, travelling claims, purchase orders and requests for payment are authenticated and authorized accordingly.
  8. Direct reports are monitored to carry out assigned responsibilities.
  9. Staff performance appraisals are completed and delivered within the appropriate timeframe.
  10. A Desk Manual is developed, implemented and kept updated.




  1. Sound knowledge of accounting processes.
  2. Knowledge of relevant accounting software applications.
  3. Working knowledge of relevant laws, statutes, policies and procedures and other instructions specific to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ).
  4. Knowledge of the King’s House Standing Orders, relevant GOJ laws, the Staff Orders and other instructions specific to the operations of the Office.






  1. Is loyal, composed, trustworthy and demonstrates impeccable integrity.
  2. Able to organize, set priorities, multi-task and meet deadlines.
  3. A problem-solving and results-driven individual with an eye for details.
  4. Able to apply good judgment, initiative and cope well under pressure.
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills and able to work as part of a team.
  6. Able to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms with persons at all levels.
  7. Is confidential and professional in personal conduct and in the execution of duties.



  • A Master’s Degree in Accounting or ACCA Level II OR its equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution. AND
  • Knowledge of Accounting Packages such as Peachtree, ACCPACC or Quick Books and their applications; AND
  • Four (4) years of progressive related working experience.
  • Knowledge of GOJ Accounting is an important asset.




This is a typical office environment, with no adverse working conditions however, there may be

occasions of long working hours and work on weekends and Public Holidays, especially during the budget planning cycle when tight deadlines are to be met.

Travelling is required.





  • Request information related to financial and accounting report preparation.
  • Make recommendations to the GGS on matters related to budgets and expenditure.
  • Maintain close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders of the Office.
  • Perform tasks that may be delegated from time to time.






The Governor-General’s Secretary  


Provide reports, updates, forecasts information re the financial status and operations. Receive instructions and information.


Division Heads/Programme Managers  


Provide reports, updates, Procurement Plans, Purchase Orders, information re budgetary allocations for cost centres.



Procurement Officer  


Procurement requests and documents




Accounting Technicians III, II & I



Supervise and monitor work, coaching, assignments.  Receive information.







Officers – Ministry of Finance and the Public



Matters relating to budgets, financial management software, reports, financial status, off-site storage of financial data etc. Receive reports, circulars, advise, training and sensitization on new procedures.


Request authorization for transactions.


Accountant General


Request for CTMS funds, reports
Auditor General


Audits, Audit Reports, Audit Queries and responses


Tax Administration Jamaica


Tax obligations, access to the TAJ web, reports and other tax-related matters.


Organizations which receive Staff personal deductions.


Respond to queries.


You may email your application letter and resume to state the post of interest in the subject line.

We appreciate all interests; however, we will respond only to candidates shortlisted.