Grounds Man/ Farm (LMO/TS 2)


Under the supervision of the Farm Manager, the Grounds Man/Farm is responsible for ensuring that all assigned areas of the farm at King’s House are maintained to the highest standards.

The Grounds Man/Farm is responsible for handling a myriad of tasks involved in farming operation such as growing and harvesting grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other crops. He or she plants, seed, prune, irrigate, harvest, pack and load crops for disbursement and/or sale.

This role requires technical knowledge of agricultural production; crop rotation; harvesting procedures; food quality standards; and the operation of farming tools and equipment.

The incumbent seeks to achieve the job purpose by embracing, demonstrating and contributing to the Vision of the Office of The Governor-General and Staff: “A culture of excellence through people, performance and partnerships”.



  1. Quality/Appearance of Crops.
  2. Presentation of Assigned Area.
  3. Care of Equipment and Tools.
  4. Farming Related Tasks.



Management/Administrative Responsibilities

Not applicable


Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  1. Adhere to implement work plan and ensure cropping operations including cultivating, seeding and applying appropriate fertiliser rates for all crops is completed within established timelines.
  2. Adhere to harvesting plan for fruit trees across the property to ensure productivity and prevent losses.
  3. Weed farmland and prepare area for cultivation as well as maintaining of the greenhouse.
  4. Transplant trees, shrubs and other plants using best practices and manually methods or by using power operated equipment.
  5. Ensure the health of plants/crop by mulching, fertilizing, spraying, forking, digging, edging, watering and pruning as necessary.
  6. Engage in soil conservation activities such as tree planting and monitor composite site to support organic plant production.
  7. Ensure farm activities comply with government regulations.
  8. Maintain borders and footpaths clear and free from litter at all times. Check and maintain water systems.
  9. Follows basic instructions in usage of chemicals, fertilizers, safety procedures and methodology.
  10. Operates agricultural power equipment such as zero turn lawn mowers, tractors with bush hog.
  11. Minor servicing/ maintenance of such equipment and tools to include periodic oil checks.
  12. Report to the supervisor on any faulty/damaged equipment or any potential hazard as well as any untoward occurrences within the property.


Other Responsibilities

  1. Any other duties assigned that may be assigned by the Farm Manager and/or Property Administrator.



  1. Ability to supply Their Excellencies/the Private Residence with quality produces on a frequent basis.
  2. The farm at King’s House is cared, well kept and maintained to the agreed standard.
  3. Trees and other vegetations are properly nurtured and healthy.
  4. The quality and quantity of produce the farm generates.
  5. All assigned tasks and responsibilities are completed in their entirety and in a timely manner.
  6. All tools machinery and equipment are kept I good working order, are cleaned and stored in the appropriate places.
  7. All acceptable standards are upheld as well as the expectation with respect to personal presentation, cleanliness and efficiencies.
  8. Report of damages to tools and equipment submitted to superior within established timelines.



  1. Able to use any related machinery and equipment.
  2. Knowledge of irrigation procedure which include when, where, why and how watering is to be done.
  3. Broad knowledge and understanding of agriculture and pest control.



  1. Keen eye for details.
  2. Is loyal, composed, trustworthy and demonstrates impeccable integrity.
  3. Good interpersonal skills and able to exercise initiative and cope well under pressure.
  4. Communicates effectively in both oral and written forms with persons at all levels.
  5. Is confidential and professional in personal conduct and execution of duties.



  • Certificate in general agriculture, horticulture and turf management or related discipline from a recognized tertiary institution. Certification by HEART/NTA desirable.
  • At least two (2) years related experience in a comparable setting.
  • Experience operating agriculture tools and equipment.



This job is outdoors.  Direct exposure to varied weather conditions is to be expected (e.g. sun, rain, wind, heat, etc.).

The Grounds Man/Farm   is expected to take a non-traditional approach to working hours. This means that he or she may be required to work a flexible schedule, which will include at times long hours, work on weekends and Public Holidays.

This position requires coordinating with superiors to solve problems that arise, spending long hours on one’s feet and often having to lift heavy objects.