The Deputy Secretary & Registrar to the Privy Council


The Deputy Secretary & Registrar to the Privy Council provides direct support to the Governor-General’s Secretary in administering the constitutional, legislative and ceremonial duties of the Office.   The incumbent provides critical legal counsel for all such matters to which The Governor-General and the Office must relate and/or respond to, and administers all matters in respect of the local Privy Council.

The Deputy Secretary & Registrar to the Privy Council has in-depth knowledge of Constitutional Law and The Jamaica Constitution, the Public Service Regulations, the Police Service Regulations, and has sound appreciation of the legislative process and Jamaica’s Acts and Regulations.

The Deputy Secretary & Registrar to the Privy Council collaborates with the Public Service Commission, Office of the Services Commissions, the Police Service Commission, the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, and Ministries, Agencies and Departments of Government.

This significant role requires a high level of organizational skill and energy, and the ability to draft Instruments, Proclamations, and other such legal documents required under the Broad Seal of Jamaica.



  1. Legal opinion and interpretation of The Jamaica Constitution, Acts and Regulations.
  2. Legal opinion on law reforms and Bills to amend Acts.
  3. Privy Council submissions, Meetings, Minutes, Instruments and documents in keeping with decisions of the Privy Council.
  4. Instruments of Appointment, Proclamations, Remission of Sentence, and other legal documents required under the Broad Seal of Jamaica.
  5. Research to inform constitutional processes, policies, and procedures.
  6. Responses to correspondences.
  7. Notices for the Jamaica Gazette Extraordinary.
  8. Desk Manual – policies and procedures.




Management/Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Develops and maintains a manual of standard operating procedures to guide all matters handled at the desk.


  1. Receives and responds to responses to correspondence to the Office of the Governor-General’s Secretary as required.


  1. Oversees tasks and supports activities of the Executive Secretary 2 to the Governor-General’s Secretary, and provide necessary guidance on the drafting of responses to correspondence.


  1. Follows-up with the Deputy Governor-General’s Secretaries (Corporate & Private), on matters for submission to the Governor-General’s Secretary.


  1. Provides critical support for the planning and implementation of Swearing-in ceremonies and similar events.


  1. Provides oversight of the Office as required in the absence of the Governor-General’s Secretary.


Technical/Professional Responsibilities

Constitutional/Legislative Functions


  1. Provides legal counsel and accurate interpretation of The Jamaica Constitution, Acts and Regulations.
  2. Provides legal opinion to The Governor-General as required on law reforms and Bills to amend Acts.
  3. Receives, assesses and prepares appropriate responses to Petitions for the exercise of The Governor-General’s prerogative of mercy, or other such powers as enshrined in The Jamaica Constitution.
  4. Conducts research, and prepares position papers on existing laws, Acts, and Regulations that are disadvantageous to the appropriate functioning of the Office of The Governor-General and makes appropriate recommendations for amendments.
  5. Researches and provides guidance to the Governor-General’s Secretary with respect to the following Constitutional processes:
  6. Section 27 – The Establishment of the Office of The Governor-General.
  7. Section 29 – The Appointment of Acting Governor-General.
  8. Section 30 – The Appointment of Deputy Governor-General.
  9. Section 31 – The appointment, deployment and conditions of service of the Personal Staff.
  10. Section 32 – The exercise of the functions of The Governor-General.
  11. Section 33 – The application of the Broad Seal with respect to the authentication of documents.
  12. Consults with the offices of the Attorney General, Solicitor General, and Chief Parliamentary Counsel to secure guidance in drafting Instruments of Appointment, Proclamations, and other legal documents required under the Broad Seal of Jamaica.
  13. Liaises with various departments regarding matters which fall within The Constitution, for example, the appointment of Notaries Public, Queen’s Counsel, Waiver of Crown Rights, and Waiver of Custom Duties.
  14. Keeps abreast of legal developments and trends in Jamaica and other jurisdictions.
  15. Receives, screens  and records all relevant incoming communication from the
    Court of Appeal, Supreme Court,  Director of Public Prosecutions, Attorney General’s Department, the Commissioner of Corrections,  Ministry of Justice, Jamaica Council for Human Rights, and Attorneys-at-Law representing appellants.
  16. Responds to solicitors in the United Kingdom who represent prisoners on Death Row.
  17. Reports on cases of petitioners seeking leave to appeal within the ambit of the Pratt and Morgan guidelines.
  18. Prepares necessary documentation and vets publications for accuracy with respect to Notices to appear in the Jamaica Gazette Extraordinary by command of The Governor-General, Instruments for the Assignment of Responsibilities with regard to Subjects and Departments of Ministers in accordance with Section 72 and 77 of The Constitution, and other documentation as falls under The Constitution.
  19. Vets and seals documents and Letters of Credence, Letters of Recall, and Letters of Patent from relevant Ministries that are submitted for The Governor-General’s approval.
  20. Conducts the necessary research and vets all documents presented for the appointment of Game Wardens under the Wild Life Protection Act.
  21. Assists the Governor-General’s Secretary with research and security checks of Jamaicans recommended to Councils, Commissions, and Boards constituted or appointed by The Governor-General.
  22. Assists with the preparation of Cabinet Submissions as required.
  23. Participates in meetings of Caribbean, Commonwealth, or International organisations to gather information and exchange details or solutions concerning legal issues.
  24. Conducts research with Government Houses in the Commonwealth as required to inform policies and procedures of the Office.
  25. Conducts research as required to provide information on Jamaican law and legal developments on specific topics on request from other Commonwealth jurisdictions or agencies. 

    Privy Council Functions


    1. Under the direction of the Governor-General’s Secretary and Clerk to the Privy Council, carries out the following:


    • Summons members of the Privy Council to monthly and special meetings.


    • Liaises with the Commissioner of Corrections, Public Service Commission, Office of the Services Commissions, Police Service Commission and other agencies to secure relevant documentation required by the Privy Council.


    • Attends meetings of the Privy Council. Records proceedings and drafts Minutes as required.  Disseminates Minutes and Submission to the Privy Council at least three (3) weeks prior to the next meeting date.  Prepares agendas, action and decision sheets for circulation to Members along with Minutes.


    • Checks Privy Council Submissions for accuracy to ensure all required documents are included, for example, in respect of persons sentenced to death – Judges’ Reports, Court Reporters’ Transcripts, Judgements of the Court of Appeal, and Psychiatric Reports. Ensures that reports from the Court of Appeal, Judges’ Report, Psychiatric Report, Social History Report et cetera are submitted by the respective institutions on time to be laid before the Privy Council.


    • Prepares Instruments and other documents in keeping with decisions of the Privy Council. Dispatches to relevant Commissions and Agencies within one (1) week of the Privy Council Meeting.


    • Carries out follow-up action on matters as requested by the Privy Council.


    • Maintains required records of the Privy Council.


    2. Custodian for the following confidential documents used by the Privy Council:

    • Notices of Appeal.
    • Court of Appeal Notices – Result of Application (Form 18).
    • Judges’ Report.
    • Court Reporters’ Transcript.
    • Court of Appeal Judgment.
    • Psychiatric Reports.
    • Order in Council containing decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
    • Privy Council decisions.
    • Any other relevant documents.
    • 3. Monitors the follow-up on the progress of the appeals to the United Kingdom Privy Council and on cases before the United Nations Human Rights Organizations. 

      Departmental Human Resource Responsibilities

      Not applicable


      Other Responsibilities

      1. Co-ordinates the Annual Meeting of Custodes, which is chaired by The Governor-General. This includes preparing agendas, taking minutes at meetings and disseminating same to the Custodes ahead of each meeting.


      1. Authorizes transactions on the FINMAN Accounting System in the absence of the Director of Finance and Accounting.


      1. Signs cheques, procurement requisitions, and other documents as authorized on behalf of the Office.


      1. Performs any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.



  1. Legal counsel provided is well researched, accurate, sound, and in keeping with the provisions of The Jamaica Constitution, Acts, and Regulations.


  1. Instruments, Proclamations, and other legal documents required under the Broad Seal of Jamaica are accurate, and prepared and dispatched within the required timelines.


  1. Responses to correspondences completed and dispatched with one week of receipt for routine matters, and within two weeks of receipt for complex and research matters.


  1. Responses to petitions for the exercise of The Governor-General’s prerogative of mercy and other such powers are well-researched, and responses are appropriate.


  1. Desk Manual developed, implemented and kept updated.


  1. Administrative functions are effectively coordinated and executed in keeping with requirements.


  1. Privy Council meetings are scheduled, documents are accurate and circulated with the required timelines.


  1. Privy Council decisions are prepared and dispatched within one week of the decision, and other actions are carried out as required in a timely manner.


  1. Research requests are thoroughly prepared, accurate and useful for decision-making.


  1. Responses to requests for information are well-researched, and provided in a timely manner.


  1. Periodic reports on cases of petitioners seeking leave to appeal are provided as required.


  1. Outcomes of appeals to the United Kingdom Privy Council are monitored and communicated as required.


  1. Cabinet Submissions are prepared as required.


  1. Required standards and timelines for record-keeping, preparation of letters and reports are upheld.


  1. High level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism is demonstrated in the execution of duties and personal conduct.



  1. In-depth knowledge of Constitutional Law, The Jamaica Constitution, the Public Service Regulations, and the Police Service Regulations.
  2. Knowledge of the legislative process and broad knowledge of local Laws, Acts and Regulations.
  3. Knowledge of administrative procedures and systems




  1. Ability to independently conduct comparative legal research and analysis. Able to analyse and identify key issues from complex problems. Exercise sound judgement to develop solutions and arrive at decisions.


  1. Skilled at drafting Instruments, Proclamations and other legal documents.


  1. Excellent writing, reporting and presentation skills.


  1. Excellent interpersonal skills. Able to develop effective working relationships and trust with partners and stakeholders.


  1. Self-directed. Able to manage a range of complex and routine tasks and deliver required results with limited supervision.


  1. Well-developed organizational skills, with an eye for detail.


  1. Skilled in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite applications. 




  • A law degree from a University recognized by the Council of Legal Education, AND,


  • Legal Education Certificate awarded by the Council of Legal Education.


  • At least four (4) years of practical legal experience.


  • Training in Supervisory Management from a recognized institution. Desirable but not mandatory.


    • Provide legal counsel to The Governor-General and the Senior Management Team.
    • Knowledge of a foreign language. Desirable but not mandatory.



      • This is a typical office environment, with no adverse working conditions, however, there can be pressure on a periodic basis.


      • Extended working hours should be expected.



      • Provide legal counsel to The Governor-General and the Senior Management Team.
      • Provide legal opinion on matters/enquiries that fall within the ambit of The Governor-General’s powers as provided under The Jamaica Constitution.



Governor-General’s Secretary


Special Advisor to The Governor-General


Deputy Governor-General’s Secretary – Corporate


Deputy Governor-General’s Secretary – Private


Press Secretary


Receive instructions and provide information.


Provide information and legal opinion



Attorney General’s Chambers

Solicitor General

Chief Parliamentary Counsel

Public Service Commission

Office of the Services Commissions

Police Service Commission

Commissioner of Corrections

Registrar of the Supreme Court

Registrar of the Court of Appeal




Request information and guidance as required


Privy Councillors




Provide information.  Schedule meetings



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