Valet (LMO/TS 6)



The Valet serves as a personal aide to The Governor-General.  The incumbent is attentive to details, possesses a gracious and professional personality, and sees to it that The Governor-General’s day, with all its requirements, is accomplished in a smooth and seamless manner.


The Valet is responsible for the care, maintenance and upkeep of The Governor-General’s wardrobe and private rooms as well as cleaning, ironing, and mending garments, laying out garments specific to each occasion. He also provides support for food & beverage service to The Governor-General’s guests.

The incumbent seeks to achieve the job purpose by embracing, demonstrating and contributing to the Vision of the Office of The Governor-General and Staff: “A culture of excellence through people performance and partnerships”.




  1. The Governor-General’s schedule of appointments.
  2. Maintenance of The Governor-General’s wardrobe
  3. Housekeeping in The Governor-General’s Dressing Room and other assigned areas.




Management/Administrative Responsibilities


1      Monitors The Governor-General’s diary in order to be kept abreast of his appointments, schedules personal appointments as required, and provides updates in advance to ensure appointments are kept.

  1. Makes calls for personal appointments for The Governor-General. Confirms and communicates updates as required. Keeps a record of medical and other appointments.
  2. Under the instruction of The Governor-General, advises the Senior Executive Assistant and/ or the Private Secretary to The Governor-General of private engagements/appointments that impact the preparation of the Weekly, Monthly and Annual Events Diaries.


  1. Travels with The Governor-General as required (local and overseas). Serves as his personal Aide and liaison.


  1. Carries out personal business transactions on behalf of The Governor-General.


  1. Familiarises himself with current affairs and matters of personal interest to The Governor-General to aid/facilitate conversation.


7.Conducts basic research as required; compiles and presents findings in the appropriate format.


  1. Receives and welcomes The Governor-General’s guests to the Residence and attends to their needs as required for the duration of their stay.
  2. Retrieves files, books and documents, which The Governor-General may be require for appointments, and accompanies him to office with the required files, books, and/or documents.
  3. Sends e-mails and faxes, scans and copies documents, retrieves documents and correspondence as required.
  4. Answers telephones and receives in-person messages for The Governor-General; delivers messages, ascertains feedback, and reverts to sender in a timely manner.





Technical/Professional Responsibilities – Personal Care & Support Duties


  1. Selects in advance clothing to be worn each week in keeping with The Governor-General’s appointments schedule.  Checks to ensure all items are in immaculate condition.   Lays them out for the approval of the Household Manager and The Governor-General.
  2. Maintains a log of the dates suits, shirts, and ties, and other outer garments are worn to ensure appropriate rotation.
  1. Collaborates/coordinates with the Lady’s Maid to Her Excellency re matters relating to Their Excellencies’ mutual attendance at events and functions.
  2. Cares for all items in The Governor-General’s Wardrobe, and keeps them in readiness for wear at all times.
  3. Undertakes repairs to garments when necessary. Consults with relevant experts to carry out alterations and repairs.
  4. Carries out housekeeping tasks in The Governor-General’s dressing room and other personal spaces. Keeps these areas in immaculate condition at the start, during, and at the end of each day.
  5. Organizes and maintains drawers, closets and other areas used for storing clothing and other personal items.
  6. Carries out periodic deep-cleaning of closets, drawers, and other storage areas according to the established frequency. Consults with the Household Manager as required.
  7. Dusts and airs all clothing not worn within a period of at least one month. Removes all items from the closet area, and vacuums everywhere to prevent moth infestation.
  8. Conducts an audit of The Governor-General’s wardrobe on a quarterly basis or as required. Recommends seasonal items for storage as well as the removal of worn items.
  9. Complies with, and carries out required actions for storage or disposal of items as instructed by The Governor-General.
  10. Airs, brushes, steams, and/or irons clothing; polishes shoes, and cleans personal items as needed. Maintains all items in an immaculate condition.
  11. Monitors and keeps all articles used for The Governor-General’s personal care in their place. Lays out personal care items in advance, and in readiness for use. Recommends replenishing in advance.
  1. Carries out personal care duties as required. Presents the various articles as needed for dressing. Assists The Governor-General with dressing or un-dressing as needed.
  2. Checks to ensure that The Governor-General is appropriately groomed prior to departing the Residence.
  3. Receives The Governor-General on his return from events or appointments. Verifies that his Private Quarters are in immaculate condition and in readiness for his return.
  4. Remains on-call throughout the day to ensure that The Governor-General’s needs are met up to the end of day or as required.
  5. Prepares The Governor-General’s luggage for travel, packs sufficient and appropriate clothing for the trip. Unpacks on his return and applies the required cleaning and airing techniques for all clothing, other items, and luggage.
  6. Accompanies The Governor-General on trips as required. On arrival at the location, takes charge of all luggage and attends to The Governor-General’s needs as at his private Residence.


Technical/Professional Responsibilities – Food & Beverage Service


  1. Provides support in setting up table appointments for functions hosted by Their Excellencies.
  2. Assists with food and beverage service to The Governor-General at State Events and other functions hosted or attended by him.
  3. Liaises with the Head Chef in the Residence on menus and meal service times. Prepares specific items as required.
  4. Confirms in advance that arrangements are in place for timely food and beverage service for all meals. Coordinates with the Head Butler/Duty Butler to ensure the timely delivery of service.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Be a good team player. Assists with duties relating to providing exceptional service to Their Excellencies, their family, and guests.
  2. Performs any other related duties, which may be assigned from time to time.


  1. The Governor-General’s appointments are scheduled and met as required.
  1. The Governor-General’s dressing room, private areas, closets, drawers, and other storage areas are maintained in a clean and orderly manner at all times.
  2. Garments are repaired, cleaned, ironed, organized, and available to be worn when desired. Garments required for specific occasions are selected and laid out appropriately.
  1. The Governor-General is appropriately groomed to his taste, prior to departing the Residence.
  2. Personal care duties for The Governor-General are carried out to his satisfaction.
  3. The appropriate documents, files and books needed for travelling and/or appointments are made available as required.
  4. The Governor-General’s needs are attended at all times during food and beverage service on all occasions.
  5. The support provided in food and beverage service is at the standard required.
  1. All standards of customer service, personal presentation, efficiencies, and cleanliness as required are upheld.




  1. Knowledge of current affairs and matters of personal interest to The Governor-General.
  2. Sound understanding of routine and complex processes attendant to business transactions.
  3. Broad knowledge and understanding of health and safety issues.
  4. Sound understanding of the Conventions of Protocol.
  5. Knowledgeable about:
    1. Barbering and other personal care techniques.
    2. The coordination of garments, colours and accessories.
    3. Various types of fabric and their care.
    4. The operation and care of office, industrial, and domestic machines,
    5. Food and beverage preparation and service.
    6. The range of housekeeping tasks.


  1. An excellent communicator with well-developed interpersonal skills.
  2. Excellent organizational skills; meticulous and detail-oriented. Able to multi-tasks.
  3. Is confidential, flexible, loyal, and trustworthy with impeccable integrity.
  4. Mentally agile; able to follow instructions and/or deduce necessary action in any situation.
  5. Has a gracious and professional personality.
  6. Is energetic, confident, customer-focused, and solutions-oriented.
  7. Able to anticipate customer needs and change direction quickly.
  8. Physically fit. Able to lift items when needed.



  • A Diploma OR Advanced Certification in Hospitality Management/ Food Service, OR equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution. AND
  • Training in Wait Service and Food & Beverage Preparation. Preferably HEART TRUST -NTA certification with practical experience in formal food service entity. AND
  • At least five (5) years of proven, related experience in a comparable setting, AND
  • Valid Food Handler’s Permit


The Valet must be in good physical shape, able to lift items as well as withstand constantly being on his feet. The required work output can be hectic and demanding and can require completing multiple tasks at the same time. Extended working hours are expected.

The Valet must also be able to work under pressure, while ensuring that everything is prepared according to expected standards and guidelines.

The incumbent may on occasions, have to fill in as Butler and could experience the pressures of simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities.


  • Carry out tasks on behalf of The Governor-General
  • Collaborate with related internal and external stakeholders.




The Governor-General ·       Receive instructions related to tasks

·       Share information


Senior Executive Assistant

and/or Private Secretary


·       Relay  information relating to private appointments
Lady’s Maid ·       Organize/coordinate activities relating to food & beverage service for His Excellency

·       Coordinate activities relating to events Their Excellencies will attend.


Head Chef/Other Chefs


Head Butlers/Other Butlers


Coordinate food & beverage preparation and service activities.





Suppliers of Goods & Services


Transact business on behalf of The Governor-General