Governor-General Commends Custodes

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has commended the Custodes for their support, diligence, and representation in the Parishes. Said he, “I am blessed to have such a supportive group of Custodes. You appreciate the dignity of this Office as well as your own roles.”

Sir Patrick told the Custodes that their commitment and dedication in carrying out their duties had made his work easier. The Governor-General was speaking at the Annual Custodes Meeting and Luncheon on Tuesday, February 26 at King’s House.

Noting that one of the highlights of the year was the presentation of The Governor-General’s Achievement Awards (GGAA) to deserving persons who have achieved excellence and given service to their communities, he urged Custodes to recommend outstanding persons. These persons should have the right mental attitude and be able to turn negative experiences into positive opportunities. The Awards Ceremonies will take place in Surrey, Cornwall, and Middlesex in April, May and June respectively.

Sir Patrick urged the Custodes to continue being strong, effective leaders in their parishes; provide direction, motivation, inspiration, and guidance; empower others and recognize success. He encouraged them to do what they could to nurture the strengths and talents of their parishioners so they could achieve their goals.

In concluding, The Governor-General said he still believed in the ideas expressed in his 2009 Inaugural Address that self-reliance, excellence, resilience and doing the right things were by which everyone could live successful lives and cause our country to prosper.