Governor-General Swears in Contractor General

Newly appointed Contractor General Mr. Dirk Harrison, was today sworn-in in a ceremony presided over by His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General of Jamaica at King’s House (Feb. 25, 2013).

The Governor-General who congratulated Mr. Harrison on his new achievement reminded the new Contractor General that: “Jamaica will look to you and your team to ensure that corruption is reduced, or preferably, totally eliminated, thus enhancing our international profile”. He also reminded Mr. Harrison that Jamaica will expect him, as Contractor General, to ensure that the public sector contractual arrangements are transparent, above-board and free from every hint of corruption. Sir Patrick’s charge to new head of the Office of the Contractor General was clear “inspire and lead your team effectively so that the Office of the Contractor-General will achieve its mission and deliver the results for which it was established,” the Governor-General said.

Mr. Harrison in his response said that”…it cannot be business as usual…we must take back our country but time shall be the master of change…we must be prepared to be committed to do whatever it takes for however long it takes to continue, renew and reshape our strategies against the abominable crime called corruption”. He further went on to issue an open invite to stakeholders “to share information and to unite in the fight against corruption and maintaining law and order”.

Mr. Harrison is the fifth person to occupy the post of Contractor General and replaces Mr. Gregory Christie who ended his seven year tenure in December 2012. The Office of the Contractor General is responsible for the monitoring and investigating the award and termination of Government contracts, to ensure impartiality and the absence of irregularity in the Jamaica Public Sector contract and licensing processes.

The Governor-General’s Remarks