Lady Allen Helps Secure Funding for Glehope Roofing Project

The Glenhope Nursery in Kingston hosted a ceremony on December 16 to mark the completion of its $3.3 million roofing project.  This was undertaken by the International Proxy Parents (IPP) and was financed by a number of sponsors including main sponsor the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany which donated $1.3 million in response to an appeal made through Her Excellency the Most Honourable Lady Allen.

The Nursery, which is sponsored by the IPP’s Community Projects Committee, is also celebrating its 40th Anniversary and the fact that there is now a secured element-proof play area for some thirty-eight (38) children residing at the facility.

Lady Allen, in delivering brief remarks at the ceremony, said that she was honoured to share in the culmination of the project which was initially conceptualized in 2007. She said that the IPP must be commended for their resilience and dedication in providing appropriate facilities to meet the needs of the children at the Nursery.

Her Excellency thanked Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, His Excellency Josef Beck and the German Embassy for its kind contribution to the Nursery and, by extension, the children of Jamaica.  In the words of the late former South African President Nelson Mandela, Lady Allen reminded those who were in attendance that: “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.

Ambassador Beck, in bringing greetings, noted that it was a tremendous responsibility to protect children and commended the agencies and organisations which had so far contributed to their well-being. He said that Glenhope played an integral role in the society, and expressed joy, on behalf of the German Embassy, in funding the much needed project.

At the end of the ceremony, Lady Allen visited with some of the children at the Nursery.