Good Morning.

I extend a warm welcome to everyone present here at King’s House and those viewing on-line, to witness the Swearing-in Ceremony for Mrs. Icylin Golding, as Custos Rotulorumfor the Parish of St. Catherine today.


Mrs. Golding’s appointment follows that of Rev. the Honourable Jeffrey McKenzie, who successfully directed affairs in the Parish of St. Catherine as Custos Rotulorum for the past six years and five months from 1st April 2015 to 18th August 2021.


Mrs. Golding, your appointment comes at a difficult time globally; a time when in our Nation and in your Parish, the COVID-19 pandemic dictates that we do things differently and manage what we do with great caution to stay safe.




You are being sworn in today to represent The Governor-General in the Parish of St Catherine as its first citizen.   The Custos is the Keeper of the Roll of Justices of the Peace in the Parish, and serves, without prejudice, all the people living in St Catherine. The Custos ensures that The Governor-General is adequately represented on all official occasions in the Parish, when other duties of the Office of the Governor-General and Staff renders it impossible to be present.


Your Swearing-in carries with it an air of anticipation which is not unusual for new journeys.  You, however, have the example and legacies of former Custodes, the Senior Custos, and twelve other colleagues who are willing to support you as you take up this new assignment. You also have the support of your family, friends and well-wishers.




In addition, in 2011,  the Custos Rotulorum Act  was passed.  The Act directs and guides the Custodes’ roles and functions.  Please be guided by that and not be swayed or overwhelmed by functions outside of your remit.


It is therefore my pleasure to welcome you to the position of Custos Rotulorum for the parish of St. Catherine.  Kindly be in contact with the Office of the Governor-General’s Secretary to prepare for your Installation Ceremony within the parish as soon as possible.


Best wishes as you continue to serve the people of St. Catherine.