FEBRUARY 1, 2014
Ladies and gentlemen

When I launched the I Believe Initiative in 2011 I had the vision of stirring my fellow Jamaicans into believing that we should not be limited by perception, that within ourselves we are great people possessing the God-given talent to succeed at any task. I hoped that we who are right with Jamaica would believe that together we can fix the social ills, address the economic issues and moral decline affecting our nation. We can and must do our part to secure a bright future for our beloved Jamaica.

The I Believe Initiative has been disseminating this message, through a variety of programmes. However, I know the importance of forging partnerships to assist in the achievement of our objectives. It is for this reason that I am pleased to endorse and support this “I Believe…It is Possible” Seminar which seeks to inject strands of positivity into our youth- the future of this nation. Let me add that as an I Believe Ambassador, Mrs. Heneka Watkis Porter, the organizer of this Seminar, is being faithful to her commitment to the IBI. For those who have heard her story, you know the value she placed on believing it was possible, believing in her abilities and that through hard work she would achieve her dream of becoming a successful Entrepreneur. This makes all the difference! Belief in one’s God-given potential!

Now more than ever there is an increasing need for seminars such as this that will inculcate a sense of self-worth, positivity and self-belief in our youth, to speed them on the path to self-actualization.
Self-belief is the first step to making everything possible; a necessary step to achieve your dreams and becoming successful. The old adage says “belief kills and belief cures”. I urge you to believe in yourselves. Do not kill your dreams with self doubt. Your potential to achieve whatever you set your mind to is limitless; attaining your dream is indeed possible!

Our National Hero Marcus Garvey’s profound statement applies to all areas of life:

“If you haven’t confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.”
The Theme “I believe…it is Possible” is rooted in hope and faith; hope of transforming into a reality what some may believe to be unattainable. I am sure most if not all of you here today know that hope is central in Christian principles. As you strive to morph your dreams into possibilities, I encourage you to dig deep and frame thoughts in the belief that “with God all things are possible” to those who believe.
One deterrent to dream attainment is that of settling, being comfortable with our lot. We refuse or are afraid to push, to explore what we can achieve. I urge you young people to want more. Do not settle for the basic, the mediocre; today, make the decision to achieve your highest potential possible. Soak up all the information being transmitted here today and use it to fuel you. Do not limit yourselves despite your circumstance, background, class or creed. Do not be stumped by failure; keep trying and success will come!

On your journey to dream achievement, remain focused. You may not have the financial or family or other support required now, but like an Olympian athlete, keep your eyes on the finish line. Stay alert to all honest opportunities and be ready to seize them. Our 2014 Jamaican Bobsleigh team is a perfect example of this. They trained relentlessly and took the first step towards their dream by entering the Winter Olympics, even though they did not have enough money to cover travel and other costs. We now know that the team did qualify to compete and that through the assistance of countless individuals they received the financial support and are headed to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Russia. Supposing they had given up at the first hurdle?
Let today be the start of the best season of your life, as you commit to believing that with God’s help you will move the mountains which might now appear to block your progress, but which can become springboards of opportunity. All things are possible, if you believe!

Thank you!