Notes for welcome address by His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, ON, GCMG, CD at the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Pinning Ceremony King’s House Tuesday 16TH November, 2010 at 11 A.M.

Ladies and gentlemen good morning.
Her Excellency joins me in extending a warm welcome to each and every one of you to King’s House for the Governor-General’s Achievement Award’s function.  This morning’s event brings the curtain down on the 2010 awards.  The awards have been in existence for 19 years and to date, 420 persons have been so recognized for excellence in service and achievements. 

I want to say thanks to the Custodes, Coordinators and Sponsors for their tremendous support over the years to make this activity possible.

In 6 weeks time it will be 2011 and the 20th year of the awards.  As with any dynamic programme we will need to evaluate, readjust, refine and rejuvenate, to keep it always relevant and in accordance with the changing realities. This we hope will begin to unfold in the 20th year celebration.

Today’s function, however, is to applaud and celebrate some of the outstanding contributions that Jamaicans are making in their local communities across the Island.  I am extremely proud of the strong community spirit that exists in the parishes, and I am sure you will be inspired by the service and work of these award recipients.

Congratulate Awardees

Let me congratulate you, and I am sure that when the audience hears the stories behind your nomination, they will agree that you are all deserving winners.

The I Believe Message
These award recipients are the embodiment of the I Believe Message. This occasion is to acknowledge individuals who continue to believe in their communities, while acting nationally for the scope of change to which we all must contribute.  We hear the litany of woes recited frequently pertaining to our country, but today we pause to identify, recognize  and impress upon ourselves the names, faces and contributions of some who are making a positive difference through their audacity to insist on believing in something better.

You are also a testament of what remains to be done.  In that regard, I therefore call on each recipient to take your Pin as an entry to a group of Jamaicans who are destined to make even greater contributions.  This is also a call to continued service to your country.

To all Award recipients
I want to remind you that you are the trailblazers of both the past and the future, so continue to shine your light for all to see.

  • Never allow your passion to dissipate.
  • Do not allow apathy and doubt to extinguish your hope;
  • Setbacks to extinguish steadfastness,
  • Or fatigue to extinguish perseverance.

Continue to believe in the capacity of the human spirit for good, in the scope of the human heart for love, and the power of the mind to change.

To the Custodes, Sponsors, etc
I am really pleased and grateful for the continued support of our Custodes, Corporate Sponsors and other supporters of this Awards Programme.  You have tangibly demonstrated your belief and commitment in this Programme and in people.

It is my hope that everyone will enjoy this Pinning Ceremony and that each of you will leave here feeling satisfied with your achievements, inspired to service, and hopeful about the future of Jamaica.

Again, welcome to King’s House and I thank you for coming.