Remarks by Her Excellency The Most Hon. Lady Allen- Boulevard Baptist Festival of Choirs

I extend warm greetings to the clergy and members of the Boulevard Baptist Church on this the eleventh staging of the Festival of Choirs as you celebrate this significant milestone of your 50th anniversary.
Your theme for this anniversary celebration “Celebrating the Journey: New Beginnings” is one recognizant that journeys do not always signify the end but also new beginnings. We do not often take pleasure in the journey- especially where it has proven to be tumultuous, but it is a vital aspect of the Christian walk. The scriptures document numerous journeys that result in new beginnings, among the popular being:

1) Jonah’s journey to Nineveh
2) The Isrealites’ journey out of Egypt
3) Saul’s journey to Damascus

These would have been undertaken by a singular person or a group traveling en mass. They reaped the results of:

• Churches being planted
• Mass evangelism and conversion – cities were introduced to the Gospel and spared
• Acts of God- God showed himself to be a miracle worker and waymaker

There is no ministry quite like ministry in song. As you raise your voices and minister today, I encourage you to remain focused on He that has given you these gifts. It is through dedication and commitment to working in the Lord’s vineyard, the Boulevard Baptist Church has been fulfilling its mission to “… evangelize the wider community and influence the world …” and in so doing, recognizing the profound potency of music.

I am always warmed and mesmerized when I witness the marvelous showcase of talent through the ministry of music at each festival. ‘Let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise’ as we celebrate this your 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service! The future is bright, blessed and beautiful. Brimming with New Beginnings!

I wish for you His continued blessings and favour for the rest of this year and beyond.
Remember, ‘Only what is done for Christ will last.’

Congratulations and God bless you!