MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014

I greet you warmly this morning!

It is always my pleasure to welcome all of you to King’s House for this brief ceremony in which I shall swear-in five experienced professionals to act at higher levels in the Supreme and Appeals Courts.

My heartiest congratulations to:

  • The Honourable Mrs. Justice Carol Lawrence Beswick and the Honourable Mrs. Justice Ingrid Mangatal who will act as Judges of Appeal;


  • Mrs. Audre Lindo and Mrs. Marcia Dunbar Green who will act as Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court and,


  • Mrs. Rosemarie Harris who will act as Master-in-Chambers in the Supreme Court.


It is always so refreshing and encouraging to know that you are thought about highly by your colleagues.  Thus these acting appointments for service during the Hillary Term are testimony to the hard work and consistently high standards of professionalism of the five persons who will soon be sworn-in.  They also reflect their determination to dispense justice without fear, favour, affection or ill will, as you oath guides you to do.

This will be the expectation of not only your colleagues, but more so of every Jamaican whose expectations and confidence in the Judiciary is on trial every day.  These ordinary Jamaicans may not grasp fully the nuances of the law but their common understanding upon which they give credence to your performance is that justice, even if it is not done, must appear to be done.

There is the common saying and the generally accepted mantra that “Justice delayed is justice denied”, and every effort should be made – whether through case management efforts, exercising earned authority or the authority of the office, or the means at your disposal – to dispense with cases in a timely manner, even under trying circumstances, and I hasten to say ‘trying circumstances’ which we all know about.

All of us who serve in the public sector are plagued with the same challenge of ‘trying circumstances,’ but it is out of these crucibles that the most profound character is formed.  These are the times when our true mettle shines; these are the times when we must remain resolute in the faithful execution of our duties.  Jamaica needs your earnest contribution so that justice will become everybody’s reality.  I trust, Honourable Judges, that God will empower you daily with His courage, strength and wisdom!

I will now read the Instruments of Appointment, after which I shall invite you to take and subscribe to the Oaths of Allegiance and of Office.