Good Morning to you all!

I join with Ambassador Coye in welcoming you to King’s House and our very best wishes to you for a happy, peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year.  We have all experienced 2013, we can use that experience to strengthen our resolve to successfully go through this year.

Let me extend heartiest congratulations to the following five female members of the legal fraternity who are being called to a higher level of service in Jamaica’s justice system.

  • The Honourable Mrs. Justice Ingrid Mangatal and the Honourable Mrs. Justice Carol Lawrence Beswick who are being sworn-in to act as Judges of Appeal;
  • Mrs. Sharon Ayton George who will be appointed a Puisne Judge;
  • Mrs. Audre Lindo who will be appointed to act as a Puisne Judge;
  • and Mrs. Rosemarie Harris is being sworn-in to act as a Master-in-Chambers.


In your respective positions your knowledge and experience are the two strong pillars which will enable you to be effective and efficient in dispensing justice.

In today’s Jamaica there is much hue and cry about the level of crime and violence in our society, as well as the apparent slow turning wheels of the justice system. You therefore, will play an important role in allaying the fears of Jamaicans of all walks of life, giving the reassurance that justice is being done and that the matters which come before you are being dealt with in a fair manner and that no one is denied or delayed. You know what they say about justice delayed.

Ladies and gentlemen, our nation is continuing its journey, in 2014 and beyond, towards a destination is embodied in the tenets of Vision 2030, I ask that we do not allow ourselves to be either discouraged or derailed. As we struggle through our challenges, let us not be frustrated and succumb to the pressure. Those are not viable options.  Instead, if we grow physically or mentally weary, I encourage you to draw strength from these encouraging words of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…

Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice,

suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and

passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

And this is the category in which I place the justice of “dedicated… tireless…passionate individuals” who must toil on despite the challenges or hindrances which may come their way. The nation is depending on you, and we are confident that you will be successful in your new undertakings.  May God give you wisdom, strength and courage to execute your task well.

I will now read the Instruments of Appointment.

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